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Nightmare Kart, Previously Bloodborne Kart, Hits PC in May for Free

Behold! A Nightmare Kart release date! The game formerly known as Bloodborne Kart is officially launching for Steam and next month.

Per a post on developer Lilith Walther’s official X (formerly Twitter) account, the official Nightmare Kart release date is May 31st, and it’s launching on PC for free. That’s right; you won’t have to pay a single Blood Echo for it.

The range of features Nightmare Kart will have on launch sounds pretty impressive, too; this won’t just be a tech demo, but instead a fully-fledged game with a number of racers and tracks to choose from.

Bloodborne Kart isn’t real and it can’t hurt you. Nightmare Kart, on the other hand…

According to Walther, who’s also responsible for a very faithful PlayStation demake of Bloodborne, you’ll be able to play as 20 racers across 16 maps, all of which are “legally distinct”.

That change was presumably made after Walther was told by Sony back in January that she needed to “scrub the [Bloodborne] branding” from Bloodborne Kart and turn it into her own IP.

Bloodborne Kart – sorry, Nightmare Kart – will also feature a full campaign mode, complete with boss fights, so if you’ve ever wished you were taking on Bloodborne‘s many lurking horrors from the safety of a kart, you’re in luck.

You can check out the terrifying release date trailer for Nightmare Kart right here. Take care, though; the trailer is probably best viewed after lining your brain with eyes so you can see the eldritch truth within.

Music for the game was provided by Evelyn “The Noble Demon” Lark, who also made the music for the aforementioned Bloodborne PlayStation demake.

The chap with the cage on his head in the trailer is named Nicholas (ha ha), and he’s voiced by an actor called Wes Wiggins, who’s doing a pretty good Micolash impression if you ask me.

Nightmare Kart will be available for PC via Steam and on May 31st, and it’ll be completely free of charge, so make sure to give it a download if you’re a Bloodborne fan.

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