Nine Years of Shadows is a spooky metroidvania with an adorable teddy bear

At first glance, Nine Years of Shadows has just about everything you could ask from a dark fantasy metroidvania: A warrior with a golden halberd, Lovecraftian statues speaking of ancient prophecies, and a giant spider demon wearing golden armor.

Also, you’re constantly accompanied by a floating teddy bear named Apino who likes to wear blue pajamas and speak in adorable gibberish. Your guess is as good as mine.

Nine Years of Shadows was shown Thursday at Gamescom’s Future Games Show, alongside a bevy of other games. You can watch the new trailer above.

(Image credit: Nine Years of Shadows/Freedom Games)

Music plays a big role in this world, where you play as a woman named Europa who descends into Talos Castle to figure out what happened to its inhabitants.

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