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Ninja Reacts To The Fortnite Season 3 Battle Pass & Is NOT Happy…

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13 days ago

What do you guys think of this new battle pass? W or L?

13 days ago

Ninja got long ass head

13 days ago

They nailed it with Peabody and brite raider

13 days ago

Idk he seems content to me lol

13 days ago

Pea Boy and Power Armour W but everything else in the pass is ass imo

13 days ago

I didnt know ninja was still relevant

13 days ago

I hate battle pass

13 days ago

I think the season is sick. The battle pass is cool. I’m not a sweat so I just wear whatever skin I like big or small. Also the new meta with cars is super fun. 10/10 for me.

13 days ago

absolutely ZERO effort put into yet again another battle pass yet AGAIN being carried by a collab with another game per usual. epic is just throwing out straight dumpster fire skins into these battle passes.

13 days ago

"Oh yeah this battlepass sucks" buys the battle pass anyway

13 days ago

Bro said mad max genre is overdone but how many desert post apocalypse movies with cars are there ? Like none. There was stuff loosely inspired by mad max like Fallout (which he seems to like in the pass) and maybe twisted metal beyond those I can’t think of anything that’s done what mad max has done.

13 days ago

Because he said that about power armor stream snipers should gang up on him with that skin.

13 days ago

What a suprise, the has-been is unhappy with the battlepass lmfao

13 days ago

I like most of the skins in this battlepass. I didn't like some of the Chapter 3-4 passes though, but I think the Chapter 5 ones have been better. People have complained about every update since Chapter 1 Season 4ish(when it really blew up), only for the dialogue to change later on and people say the update was "underrated/overhated". It's been like that for years.

13 days ago

Bros falloff needs to be studied by Cambridge students

13 days ago

4:35 bro might have been wrong

13 days ago

I dont take advice from people with blue hair.

13 days ago

tbh they need to keep lego the fuck out of the battlepass… I don't play fortnite lego, NONE of my friends play fortnite lego, so why do we have to sacrifice our BR items for lego? make a fkn lego battlepass an keep that shit seperate!!!! Epic so dumb these days

13 days ago

I'm a huge fan of post apocalyptic stuff but it needs to be serious. This is not the type of battlepass I like, it's all too basic.

13 days ago

Ninja says Sypher isn't going to enjoy the Season meanwhile Sypher is having a blast with the new Season

13 days ago

Ninja's still on that Lego Fortnite music

13 days ago

I can get his reasoning because of competitive stuff but for casuals that sometimes play ranked like me, this battlepass is pretty sick.
Surprisingly enough, Brite is the skin I like less. I like the others way more with Megalo Don and the Power Armor at the top.
The only thing I dislike about the battlepass is that it doesn't have unique vehicles and that a slot was wasted for a Lego build who you can't even use in BR, ZB and Team Rumble.

13 days ago

Somebody tell me how much money would it require to buy out the entire battle pass I’m trying to calculate

13 days ago

Probably one of the worst battle passes yet

13 days ago

Ninja being negative for no reason. Not surprised

13 days ago

Dude just doesn't like the wasteland apocalyptic genre I think it's understandable

13 days ago


13 days ago

MAGNETO IS IN FORTNITE?!(ps sorry for being cringe

13 days ago

New season is a beast! Anybody don't like it play something 😭 else 😭 😭 😭

13 days ago


13 days ago

8:47 bro turned into lazarbeam for a second😅

13 days ago

Anyway someone bless me with Marshmello emote I’m broke 😭

13 days ago

This battle pass is definitely better than the last

13 days ago

Bright raider is the only reason why I bought the battle pass

13 days ago

I dont care about the haters ill say it i think megalo don is a great skin

13 days ago

Me personally i dont like 80% of the skins. The Machinist and the T-60 Power armor are the only skins that I like. Also they missed out on such a perfect collab with Mad Max.

Skin wise i'd give it a 5/10
Gameplay wise i'd give it a 7/10

13 days ago

Lol nija uses the same lobby music as me lol

13 days ago

Haven’t played since og season