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Nintendo Adds 3 Game Boy Games to Switch for 35th Anniversary

Nintendo released the Game Boy in 1989, becoming the best-selling handheld of its generation and the fourth best-selling console of all time. Now, Nintendo is celebrating 35 years of Game Boy by bringing three of its launch titles to Switch Online.

1989 games Super Mario Land, Baseball, and Alleyway join Nintendo Switch Online

Super Mario Land is Nintendo’s fourth Mario game released in the West, and, excluding the Mario Game & Watch, the first on a handheld console. It is also notable for being the first appearance of Princess Daisy, ruler of Sarasaland. Mario adventures across Sarasaland to rescue her from a mysterious alien, passing through regions inspired by Egypt, Easter Island, and Japan. While the core gameplay is what fans will expect, it also features airplane and submarine side-scrolling shooter levels.

Baseball is, unsurprisingly, the Nintendo Game Boy’s classic baseball sim. As the pitcher, players must adjust their ball’s speed and curve while being careful not to tire out. When it’s their turn at bat, players must shift their batter’s positioning and time their swings to hit the ball. Do it perfectly, and they may even get a home run.

Finally, Alleyway is Nintendo’s clone of Atari’s 1976 arcade game Breakout. As Mario, players pilot his ship to destroy blocks with a bouncing energy ball. Players must keep the ball in play until they clear every block on the stage. The game also features alternating stages, bonus rounds, and more.

Super Mario Land, Baseball, and Alleyway bring the total number of 1989 Game Boy games on Nintendo Switch Online to four. They join the Game Boy version of Tetris, which launched a few months after the other three.

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