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Nintendo Switch 2 is to be announced this fiscal year, as confirmed by Nintendo

The company finally breaks the silence regarding its upcoming console.

It’s official! Nintendo Switch 2 is coming, and it’s going to be revealed within months. After what seems like an eternity of leaks, rumors, and whatnot, Nintendo has finally spoken about the upcoming Switch successor, stating that its announcement will happen this fiscal year. More details below.

Nintendo Switch 2 to be revealed soon

Posted on Nintendo’s X/Twitter account, the statement comes from the President of Nintendo himself, Shuntaro Furukawa. Nine years after Switch’s reveal (and seven since its release), the next Nintendo console is set to be announced before the fiscal year’s end (which falls on March 31, 2025). 

Furukawa doesn’t go further into details about Nintendo Switch 2 in his message. However, he has stated that a new Direct, dedicated to upcoming NS games for 2024, will be held in June.

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