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No Man’s Sky Update Lets Players Transfer Saves from PS4 to PS5

Hello Games pushes out its latest update for No Man’s Sky, giving players the ability to transfer their saves from PS4 to PS5.

Over the past year, players have been rediscovering the wonder of Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky. The procedurally generated galactic survival/exploration game has received many quality of life updates since No Man’s Sky controversial 2016 debut, with each update bringing a wealth of new content.

These vast updates have now culminated in its Next Generation update, which has provided players with a free upgrade path from current-gen consoles to the PS5 and Xbox Series X, as well as supporting up to 32 players in multiplayer settings. Now, in the latest patch, players on PS4 can continue their hard work exploring the universe into the next generation on their PS5s.

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The process for transferring this save data is quite simple. Players will need to access their PS4 copy of No Man’s Sky and choose to upload their game data to the cloud. The only thing players will need to do next is choose to download the save data from the cloud on their PS5 copy of the game.

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The Next Generation No Man’s Sky update brings with it some other quality of life features. Not only does the update bring increased graphical fidelity to No Man’s Sky by allowing players to play in 4K, players on PS5 can experience a different level of immersion through the game’s support of the DualSense’s haptic feedback feature. Players wishing to continue their journey through the stars in VR can also do this on their PS5 through the system’s backward compatibility capabilities as well.

The updates that have been introduced in No Man’s Sky have certainly caught the attention of its players. In the No Man’s Sky Origins update, players were introduced to sandworms: colossal entities that slither through the ground and are capable of massive destruction. Players were so taken by these creatures that they began hunting them down, often finding themselves in situations that turn deadly quickly.

Despite so much work being done to No Man’s Sky, that doesn’t mean that Hello Games is solely focusing on the one project. Recently, Managing Director at Hello Games, Sean Murray, discussed how the team was working on a new project, however, the team has been avoiding talking about it in public. Murray said that is so the team doesn’t make the same mistake of over-promising on its game like it initially did with No Man’s Sky.

While this project likely still years away from seeing the light of day, it seems that the team at Hello Games has done tremendous work on No Man’s Sky since its 2016 launch, and will likely support it for a long time to come.

No Man’s Sky is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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