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Now there’s leaked footage of Valve’s new game Deadlock

Deadlock, the unannounced but previously-leaked hero shooter from Half-Life maker Valve, has been spotted again in a fresh leak. And, this time, we can now see gameplay footage of Deadlock in action.

Leaked details of Deadlock sprung onto the internet last week via images posted to social media and a report from longterm Valve reporter Tyler McVicker, which claimed that Deadlock was currently in closed testing.

It’s from this ongoing test that gameplay footage has now also leaked – showing off Deadlock’s training mode, more hero characters, and the existence of BioShock Infinite-style skyrails you can hook onto and ride around on.

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Even Deadlock’s setting looks rather BioShock Infinite-like, with period advertising for brands of cigarettes and wide open town squares.

The leaked footage shows off a number of training modes in which the player can acclimitise to the game’s controls, test character movement and abilities, and then learn Deadlock’s lane system.

Heroes shown include the imp-like winged Ivy, who can slow and stun enemies while buffing allies, dapper fire demon Infernus who can deal fire damage over time, sneaky robot Haze and gothic sniper Vindicta. Several heroes are labelled as “great for new players!”, presumably to get newbies started.

DEADLOCK Gameplay video has leaked
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You can watch the leaked footage via the embed above, for now – though Valve has already begun removing links to it.

Previous reporting suggested Deadlock was Valve’s next “major” project, and that it has been in development in one form or other since 2018. There’s no word yet on when it’ll be formally revealed.

Deadlock isn’t the only game due soon with a BioShock Infinite vibe. Wasteland 3 developer InXile’s upcoming Clockwork Revolution appears so visually similar that publisher Microsoft had to issue a statement clarifying “any similarities are unintentional”.

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