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Official Tomb Raider Secret Lair Brings Lara Croft to Magic: The Gathering

Over the years, Magic: The Gathering’s Secret Lairs have allowed for many unique crossovers. Stranger Things, the works of Junji Ito, Fortnite, and even My Little Pony have all been represented in the popular card game. Now it’s Lara Croft’s turn with the Tomb Raider Secret Lair.

The Tomb Raider Secret Lair announcement

In an official blog post, Wizards of the Coast gives more details about the Tomb Raider Secret Lair. This drop will contain six cards as well as a unique treasure token card.

Think there’s a chance she’ll survive confronting a Planeswalker?

Five of these cards are familiar Magic cards, re-imagined with artwork and iconography from the Tomb Raider games.

Those cards are as follows:

  • Search For Azscenta // Azcenta, the Sunken Ruin as “Heart of the Explorer // The Lost Valley
  • Anger of the Gods as “The Storms of Yamatai”
  • Bow of Nylea as “The Grim Whisper”
  • Shadowspear as “Totec’s Spear”
  • Academy Ruins as “Kitzezh, Sunken City”

But the sixth card will be an all-new mechanically unique card. The iconic Lara Croft herself is depicted as a Legendary Creature card.

The Tomb Raider Secret Lair’s cards do seem to lean more toward the Survivor Era of the game series.

Yamatai is the island Lara is stranded on in the 2013 reboot. Totec’s spear is a reference to the Guardian of Light spin-off game. Lastly, Kitzezh is the lost city at the center of 2015’s Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Card Artwork of Heart of the Explorder and The Lost Valley from the Tomb Raider Secret Lair
Alright, who’s ready for precision platforming and puzzles?

Thankfully, there is some homage to the classic era in the Heart of the Explorer // The Lost Valley card. Note the T-Rex in the background.

As for the official Lara Croft card, it appears to be a combination of the acrobatic heroine’s different looks. She is brandishing her climbing axe from the recent games, but also sporting her classic long ponytail, and blue shirt, and her dual pistols are holstered at her side.

The Tomb Raider Secret Lair will be available in Non-Foil (MSRP $39.99) and traditional foil (MSRP $49.99). At the time of writing, pre-orders are not open.

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