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Once Human is out now on Steam! Face post-apocalyptic reality in this free survival game

Become a Meta-Human and explore a world full of savage monsters.

One of Steam’s most-wishlisted games of recent months is finally here. With the Once Human release, PC players can now see whether they’ll be able to survive after the apocalypse that befell the world, with alien creatures and weird hybrids roaming around.

This dangerous environment is also home to several different factions and hides many secrets (including that juicy loot, of course). The Once Human gameplay revolves around exploration and shooting, with a mystery-packed narrative thread to follow. As it is available for free, you can check it out right now without spending a dime.

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Once Human is free to play on Steam

If you’re into sci-fi, post-apocalyptic adventures, and the usual survival mechanics, the game may be right up your alley—and you can already access it. To start playing, simply follow the link provided below and download Once Human directly from Steam.

Is Once Human Steam Deck verified?

At the time of writing this article, it’s unknown how the game will perform on Valve’s handheld, meaning it still needs to be tested. Once there’s a confirmation about the Once Human Steam Deck verified status (or lack thereof), you’ll find the information on the title’s Steam page.

Were you waiting for the Once Human release? Now that it’s out, are you going to give it a shot? Let us know in the comments!

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