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Once Human – Official Game Overview Trailer | Future Games Show 2024

Here’s the new Once Human trailer for the multiplayer open-world survival game set in a post-apocalyptic future. Join the developers for a closer look at Once Human in this latest video.

All living organisms have been infested with an alien called Stardust, but you can harness its power. Venture out solo or team up with your friends to fight terrifying monsters and find out the truth about where Stardust came from and why. Meet some of these eldritch creatures in this detailed new overview.

Once Human will be released on July 9, 2024 on PC (Steam and Epic Games Store). It’s also coming to mobile devices (iOS via the App Store and Android via the Google Play Store). You can check out the Once Human demo on Steam on June 10.


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1 month ago

just going to steal ideas from modders and other games, im sick of these random chinese knockoff games that die off in a month….look at palworld
Hey look ima steal Sirenhead and call it my own!

1 month ago

Controller friendly please

1 month ago

Fix the handling on the motorcycle. Feels bad.

1 month ago

Once Echo coming 2024

1 month ago

It’s ‘Derek’ guys

1 month ago

When will the mobile version come?

1 month ago

best game ever. Period

1 month ago

Lets hope this is not another the day before.

1 month ago

Why are so many kids on the internet complaining about things they have no clue about?

1 month ago

Once of the best betas I’ve ever played. Super stoked for the full release

1 month ago

Foggy swemps

1 month ago


1 month ago

Kids crying about this game, there’s videos of people playing it. It looks rad.

1 month ago

Hot garbage

1 month ago

Looks like modded Fortnite

1 month ago

so a bathroom would be a better place to record in.

1 month ago

Console realease please ?

1 month ago

You just know this game's gonna be terrible.

1 month ago

Ah yes The Division 2.1

1 month ago

When do you download the game on mobile?

1 month ago

Is this really coming out? 😅

1 month ago

Please get a mic 😅

1 month ago

extremely boring game

1 month ago


1 month ago

No console Release 😢

1 month ago

The Day Before Human!

1 month ago

Interview recorded on a radioshack camcorder

1 month ago

We need a same day console release!

1 month ago

OK. I'm starting to see it.

1 month ago

These games are all starting to feel the same

1 month ago

pt br

1 month ago

This interview makes me not want to play the game

1 month ago

voice is so weird whats wrong with that

1 month ago

What the crap not coming to PS5 Or XBOX?

1 month ago


1 month ago

Another chinese scam fake game

1 month ago

Can this guy with a terrible mic stop talking and just show us the trailer? Completely ruined it.

1 month ago

The REAL The Day Before

1 month ago

Does this link to the mobile game?

1 month ago

Not really into this genre, but these settings and monsters look sick

1 month ago

in a few months this will be one of the biggest games. what they're doing is pretty revolutionary.

1 month ago

Please record in a less echoy room next time

1 month ago

I'm excited about this game 🎮

1 month ago

Check out my game I’m working on, it’s a open world ninja jrpg. At the moment, it’s just me working on it.