One early idea for Mass Effect 3’s ending involved a reaper god instead of the Star Child

YouTube’s People Make Games asked several ex-BioWare developers who worked on Mass Effect 3 how they felt about the endings, and in particular about putting together the Extended Cut—an update that expanded on the endings and addressed some of the many complaints players had. It’s a great video and worth a watch, especially for the section where it highlights the additional crunch developers had to go through to pull the Extended Cut together, after already crunching to complete Mass Effect 3.

But before that, it also explains that during development much of the team didn’t know how Mass Effect 3 would end. “A lot of us didn’t have a whole lot of high visibility into what the ending was actually gonna be,” says cinematic designer John Ebenger. Gameplay designer Manveer Heir explains the ending “came in really late” and for a long time before that, only an animatic—the video equivalent of a storyboard—existed.

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