Ooblets: How to Get Clothlets and Seeds

Clothlet is one of the most valuable resources in Ooblets because it’s used in so many recipes, is required to complete a number of Tinstle Tasks, and may show up as a Clubhouse request. There are plenty of ways to get the resource, but you won’t be swimming in it early on. With a long growth cycle and low spawn rate outside your farm, Clothlet is one of the biggest bottlenecks in this cute life-sim. 

Grow Clothlets on Your Farm

The most consistent way of obtaining Clothlets is by purchasing Clothlet seeds from Meed’s Seeds in Badgetown. You can find her shop as soon as you enter town from your farm. Look for the green seed pouches in the shop; Meed will move seeds around the shop as you expand it later in the game, so they may be in different places every time you visit. Each bag of seeds costs 32 Gummies — a steep price at any point in the game — and results in a single Clothlet plant.

Alternatively, you can also find seeds by removing the weeds on your farm. Enter farming mode, and interact with the red weeds on the ground. Each time you pull a weed, there is a (very) low chance you’ll receive a handful of Clothlet seeds (3-4 seed pouches). If you have a Level 1 Oobcoop or higher, any assigned Ooblets will automatically weed in the 8-block square surrounding the Oobcoop. 

Find Them by Foraging

Clothlets can also be found in Badgetown while foraging. They grow in random spots, so be sure to look around for some to harvest. Good places to check are:

  • Near the Learnery.
  • By Gimble’s Balloon.
  • Near the Dance Barn.
  • In front of Churles’ Shop.
  • By the fountain in front of Town Hall.

Make sure to visit these places each day to maximize your efforts. Their spawn rate is heavily governed by RNG, so it may be days before you see any. 

Purchase with Wishies

Lastly, you can purchase Clothlets from the Wishy Well for 10 Wishies each. However, doing so is not recommended — especially in the early game — unless you really need Clothlets right away. There are far more important items and recipes to focus on. 

Clothlet Recipes and Uses

Without any Speedy Grow, Clothlet Seeds take about three days to grow into ripe Clothlets. They are be used in various crafting recipes, such as:

  • Basic Sprinkler: 1 Clothlet.
  • Medium/Good Sprinkler: 2 Clothlets.
  • Oobcoop Level 1: 3 Clothlets.
  • Oobcoop Level 2: 4 Clothlets.
  • Oobcoop Level 3: 4 Clothlets.
  • Oobcoop Level 4: 5 Clothlets.


  • Repair the Old Farmhouse“: 5 Clothlets.
  • Fix Gimble’s Balloon“: 8 Clothlets.
  • Patch a Hole in Our Roof“: 6 clothlets.

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