Opera buys its own Nvidia H100 mini-supercomputer, just so you can have a spot of AI in a web browser

When you picture Nvidia and AI together, how often do you include Iceland and web browsers in the same image? If you’re like me, then probably never, but there’s a first time for everything and that’s what Opera has announced today: Its very own Nvidia DGX SuperPOD cluster, based entirely in Iceland, for handling requests from the Aria AI feature in the Opera One and Opera GX browsers.

Opera announced the project in its Browser Day event, held in Oslo last week, where it gave some insight into the decision to purchase its own AI server, to work alongside those that it hires and shares with other partners. The DGX SuperPOD is powered by the H100, a GPU-esque processor built on Nvidia’s Hopper architecture.ย 

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