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OVERWATCH 2 PVE IS… Cancelled?

More news is coming out about the future for Overwatch 2’s PVE Mode… and it’s not looking good.

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0:00 Overwatch 2 PVE… Cancelled?
0:26 Why Everyone is Saying PVE is Cancelled
1:59 Overwatch 2 Devs NOT BEING PAID Due To PVE
3:28 Blizzard Plans to NOT CONTINUE PVE
4:04 Ex-Blizzard “Dev” Talks About Their Work History
5:14 The Overwatch 2 PVE Situation So Far
6:00 What I Think Will Happen to OW2 PVE
7:31 Why Blizzard Isn’t Talking About PVE

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24 days ago

People are brushing past the core fact which is blizzard is staying quiet with all this because they know that Overwatch 2 was primarily fueled by hype for PVE. Without a full PVE experience what even is overwatch 2? Like what exists in the game that allows it to be considered a 2? A few character reworks and more additional characters like they’ve done for years? The entire game is a marketing ploy to repackage an old game that many of us payed full price for free, start selling skins for inflated prices, and continue providing the same minimal updates that they have always done. It’s truly heartless and a shame that players will just eat up this slop that is getting served to them.

24 days ago

what a joke

24 days ago

It can't believe this is one of the biggest games in the world

24 days ago

Do I look like I care? 😂

24 days ago

Does the progression for comp credits stop after some point?

24 days ago

How come you never call it "Broverwatch"? Missed opportunity.

24 days ago

At this point, Plant vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 is better than overwatch 2

24 days ago

For compensation they should reopen ow1 servers who cares if it divides the community and this point the devs clearly don’t care anymore and hey, let the better game win you know?

24 days ago

We have to take out the talent tree so pve will be easier to make….. We had to take out the pve because it was too expensive

24 days ago

What´s the reason of Overwatch 2 then… like the reason OW2 exists is LITERALLY the PvE missions and then after over promising PvE and everything, they cancel it 💀💀

24 days ago

Yay another failure

24 days ago

I like the game, gameplay wise it’s fun but GODAMN why those guys such a dicks

24 days ago

As much as it pains me, I think Overwatch's days are numbered. I don't mean it'll literally fail and go under anytime soon, rather it has little to no hope of ever reaching the level of prominence and profitability that the series once had, much less the levels execs and shareholders are hoping for. The love for the game from its community, along with the developers just isn't there anymore. Axing PVE is the best choice given their limited resources but PVP won't keep players returning forever.

24 days ago

So what are they going to do with the rest of the game? Just keep selling bp with goofy skins and never talk about the lore again? They do know a chunk of it's fans are here literally to see how the story unfolds, and once they realized there is nothing to unfold……

At this point they might as well fully lean into the NSFW side and start making 18+ skins. That's probably the only way anyone would give this tarnished IP another chance

24 days ago

Why are Blizzard so stupid? They released a "new version" of a game that added nothing new besides the greedy monetization system and missed a bunch of features from the old version and they expected for that garbage to succeed? What was the thought process behind this…????

24 days ago

Blizzard revels tomorrow that pve will be canceled 😭

24 days ago

Atp stop bringing your hopes up and just ignore how they're handling it until it's actually out.

24 days ago

Same game just slapped with a 2

24 days ago

What was the point of this game

24 days ago

There could be a 3rd option regarding getting at least the story out there; Release them as Books. Most of Overwatch’s overarching stories had been made into comics or books; so if we can’t play the story, at least we can read & know more about what would have happened. They did that for Final Fantasy 15’s Cancelled DLC, so why not here?

Yeah, it sucks either way, but that seems more logical to me that you can buy the books, which gives them that bit of extra boost of money, but also just gets the story component out for those who are invested in the plot rather than fully working on a game portion (which takes much longer & costs more). Still salty about this whole situation, but at this point I’d take anything. (BTW MAD ABOUT REINHEART GETTING KILLED! I WANNA KNOW HOW HE GOES OUT, DAMN IT!)

24 days ago

I find it funny that pve was basically the main reason for overwatch 2 (not really overwatch 2 to be honest) . A bit disappointing

24 days ago

i just pray that someone will get a movie licenese for a movie which i wish they would do

24 days ago

PvE failed because why would I pay $10 for a mode that I'm not even sure I will have a team to match-up with.
Many report they already have problems not finding anyone and only getting bots as teammembers.
Also the mode has no incentive, none of the weekly challanges progress with it, so why would people play it over regular modes, when you can get at least a few miserly coins with those.

24 days ago

it's so sad.

24 days ago

pve was good trash take

24 days ago

Might as well shut down the entire game, its sad to say but overwatch is a dead franchise

24 days ago

Bro you wack i really want to play overwatch but if you say yes this is my username:limerock

24 days ago

If I had a nickel for every time pve was cancelled at the beginning of a year.

24 days ago

Want suprise thought dead long after the first three mission came out

24 days ago

great now that ow2 has no reason to exist bring back 6v6

24 days ago

What if they release some of the missions as an archive event?
It would be a good way to show the lore of Overwatch, as also bringing the old missions. I think everyone would like this turn-around

24 days ago

Hopefully that can give us a animated series (no they won’t I’m coping so hard)

24 days ago

At least the overwatch pron never disappoint me unlike the pve

24 days ago

Once again.. why does Overwatch 2 exist!!!

24 days ago

Main reason : capitalism and greed

24 days ago

So, the questions till remain: what was reasond for OW2. Only adding shop

24 days ago

What I think Blizzard SHOULD do is they should update the old archives event missions from back in ow1. They could make them a permanent game mode in the missions tab. I don't know why they got rid of this event 😮‍💨

24 days ago

It STILL triggers me that he says "Overwatch's 2" instead of Overwatch 2's