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Palworld Fan Creates Real-Life Pal Eggs


  • Pal eggs in Palworld come in different variations and sizes, with rarer Pals found in larger eggs. They are often located in places where Pals would nest, such as under trees and on cliffs.
  • A creative Palworld player surprised their housemate with physical Pal eggs, colored with markers and placed in an egg carton.
  • The Palworld community is known for showcasing their creativity, with players creating crafts like crocheted Pals and physical trading cards. The game has gained a large online following and has a content roadmap for future updates.



A creative Palworld player made a set of physical Pal eggs to surprise their housemate and egg-hunting partner. Pal eggs are one way of collecting the lovable Pals that inhabit Palworld, and many fans enjoy adventuring around the open world to hunt for eggs and hoping they hatch into rare Pals.

There are nine variations of Pal eggs in Palworld that can be found throughout its large map, each corresponding to a different Pal type that will hatch from the egg. Pal eggs also come in three sizes, regular, large, and huge, with the rarity of Pals inside increasing with the egg’s size. Eggs can be found all over the map, but they tend towards locations where it would make sense for Pals to nest, such as under trees, along the coast, on high cliffs, and snuggled among rocks. Many players recommend searching for eggs with a flying mount, as eggs commonly spawn in higher locations such as clifftops.


Palworld Player Discovers Terrifying Paldeck Entry

A Palworld player discovers that one of the Pals has a creepy Paldeck entry, and their fellow players are stunned by the revelation.

Palworld player Evil_Bonkering and their housemate hunt for Pal eggs together, and so, while he was away, Evil_Bonkering created several Pal eggs to sneak into their egg carton. While these Pal eggs are plastic and colored with markers, many comments found the concept perfect for dyeing Easter eggs once the holiday rolls around. Notably absent from the collection of eggs is Palworld’s Dragon Egg, which Evil_Bonkering explained is missing because their housemate has not found one yet, so “he doesn’t get one.”

Palworld Player Shares Handmade Pal Eggs

Many fellow Palworld players found this gesture to be incredibly sweet and creative, and several are considering using it for their children in the future. These creative Pal eggs are not the only case of Palworld players showcasing their creativity, as the community has been sharing numerous incredible in-game and real-world projects. Many players dedicate hours to creating incredible bases for their Palworld adventures, and others, like Evil_Bonkering, bring their favorite parts of the game into real life with Palworld crafts like crocheted Pals, physical trading cards, or these Pal eggs.

Palworld Egg

Since the game’s incredibly successful early-access launch, Palworld has amassed massive player counts and a large online community of creative fans who share projects like these Pal eggs with fellow players. Despite controversies and initial issues, Palworld has been wildly successful and many of these dedicated fans have high hopes for its future. Pocketpair has already released a content roadmap for Palworld, detailing future updates for fans to anticipate, including more Pals, more locations, and new features like PvP modes.



Pocket Pair’s Palworld is a creature-collection game set in an open-world. Entering early access on January 19, 2024, the project blends survival, building, farming, monster breeding, and shooter elements.

January 19, 2024

Pocket Pair, Inc.

Pocket Pair, Inc.

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