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Palworld Fan Makes Original Grass/Dark-Type Pal Mushgloom


  • Fans of Palworld have been showcasing their creativity by designing adorable and original Pals, like Mushgloom, a Grass/Dark-type inspired by real mushrooms.
  • The community has also created alternative versions of existing Pals, showcasing ingenuity and inventiveness in designing new creatures for the game.
  • With future updates introducing new Pals like Bellanoir, players are eagerly anticipating the addition of more unique and exciting monsters to collect and battle.



A Palworld fan has created an adorable original Pal called Mushgloom, showing what it would be like if the game had one more Grass/Dark-type monster. Palworld was released in Early Access with more than 100 Pals divided into nine elements, each with a different design and origin. While Palworld players wait for new Pals, the community has been showing its ingenuity by creating original Pals.

Previously, a Palworld fan created Plossum, an original Grass-type Pal in the shape of a green skunk carrying a bulb on its back, which is very similar to Pokemon‘s Bulbasaur. Another player went a step further and created a secondary version for Chillet called Chillet Ignis, which they affectionately nicknamed “Grillet.” Fans have also designed alternative versions of Jetdragon, showing a futuristic take on the legendary Pal, and original Pals based on pandas, elves, and birds. This time, another fan has shared their artwork with an original Pal, imagining an adorable creature based on Pocket Pair’s survival title.


Palworld Teases Big Building System Expansion

The developers of Palworld tease a big expansion to the game’s building system, which players have been using to create amazing bases.

Reddit user Ehcko created an original Pal called Mushgloom and shared their fan art with other players. Mushgloom is a mushroom-shaped Pal based on the ink cap, a type of edible mushroom found in Europe and North America. Because of this, the Grass/Dark-type Pal has a color palette based on its counterpart, in shades of white, black, and dark purple. The Pal has a short stature and a sad face, which gives it a depressed aura and would make it a possible Pal to suffer from depression.

Creative Palworld Fan Makes an Original Pal Based on a Real Mushroom

Along with the Mushgloom fan art, the OP shared the Paldeck entry for Mushgloom, giving more context to their creation. While there are aggressive Pals like Blazamut or Pals with a more peaceful nature, like Pengullet and Chillet, Mushgloom prefers to stay in moist places with low lighting. Although Mushgloom has a scary appearance, this Pal loves to be hugged and tends to suffer from anxiety. This part made some Redditors in the comments remember another Pal that already exists, Depresso, a critter known for its grouchy face that hides a kindhearted Pal.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the expansion of the variety of Pals, which will happen soon. Palworld has finally revealed a new Pal, Bellanoir, who will be the survival game’s newest boss. The new critter doesn’t yet have a date for arrival in Palworld, but the first details about Bellanoir reveal that it is a “powerful evil Pal” that players will battle in the game’s first raid.



January 19, 2024

Pocket Pair, Inc.

Pocket Pair, Inc.

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