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Palworld studio “recruiting for all positions” due to game’s overwhelming success

Palworld quickly became one of the biggest indie success stories of all time upon its Early Access release late last month – amassing a whopping 12 million copies sold on Steam alone in just two weeks and becoming the 2nd most-concurrently played game in the platform’s history. It seems as though the team at Pocket Pair were not prepared for its level of success, with the studio said to be “severely lacking” in developers.

Making the announcement on their Japanese Twitter page, the team at Pocket Pair said “There are still many things I want to do in Palworld, but we are severely lacking in friends!!! We are recruiting for all positions, but we are especially looking for planning/engineering positions! It doesn’t matter what engine you have experience with, so if you are interested in creating a completely new game, please apply!!”

As mentioned Palworld blew up seemingly out of nowhere upon its Early Access launch on the 19th of January – selling more than 12 million copies on steam alone in just two weeks and becoming the second most concurrently played game in the history of the platform with over 2 million players; beating out juggernauts such as CS:GO and Dota 2.

With just how quickly the game blew up, it will be interesting to see whether the team at Pocket Pair are able to recruit new developers at a rapid enough pace to keep up with player expectations. We will have to wait and see,

KitGuru says: What do you think of Palworld? Will it be able to maintain its current success? Let us know down below.

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