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Palworld Update v0.1.4.1 Available Now, Fixes Crashing Save Data and More

Today Pocketpair released a brand new update of its popular open-world crafting survival game Palworld, fixing an issue that has plagued players for a long time. 

The update has been released only for the version of the game on Steam at the moment of this writing, and it’s numbered and it’s numbered¬†v0.1.4.1.¬†

An update for the version for Xbox and on the Windows store will be released at a later time as soon as it’s ready. It will be numbered¬†v0.1.1.4.

The main item of the update is a fix for saving data that would be corrupted and crash the game once the number of pals captured by a guild reached around 7,000.

The previous patch already prevented this from occurring, but this update actually fixes the save data that was corrupted before that was applied, allowing players to resume their gameplay. 

On top of that, the update also includes countermeasures against some cheats and more.

Below you can read the full patch notes.

  • Major Fixes
    • Fixed an issue where the game would always crash and save data would be corrupted when the total number of Pals captured by the guild reached approximately 7000.
    • In the previous patch, save data that had already been in this state (for servers, the server’s world data) remained in a broken state that made it impossible to load, but after applying this patch it will be resolved and will load properly.
    • Fixed an issue where some weapons equipped by other players would disappear when a player used a grenade in multiplayer.
    • Fixed an issue where, although the displayed capture probability increased when the capture power was strengthened with Lifmunk Effigies, the capture probability did not actually increase at all due to an internal processing bug.
  • Base related
    • Fixed an issue where if a Pal that was manually assigned to a breeding farm went to sleep, it would not wake up forever.
    • Fixed an issue where no wood would drop when Pal at the base felled a tree.
  • Others
    • Implemented countermeasures against some cheats and exploits.

The developers also mention that the priority is still fixing major issues with the game before they start implementing the extensive roadmap for additional content and features and content planned for the game’s early access.¬†

Palworld¬†has recently passed¬†19 million users¬†of which 12 million on Steam and 7 million on Xbox, marking an explosive and unexpected success on both platforms. If you’re wondering why¬†you¬†can read our hands-on preview.¬†

If you’re already enjoy the game and want to do so with your friends you can¬†rent a private server on SurvivalServers.¬†

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