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PALWORLD WILL BE GAME OF THE YEAR 2024! New Palworld Trailer Summer Game Fest 2023

New Palworld Trailer makes the game look legit amazing! The Palworld Gameplay I have seen has me excited for this as a real major new game release. Palworld isn’t just Pokemon with guns, Palworld is the open world PC Pokemon Game we have always wanted.

Palworld | Release Date Announcement Trailer
Palworld|How to catch Pals.【Palnews】【Pocketpair】
New Palworld Gameplay
Palworld News

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10 days ago

PalWorld! here we go! im ready for this game to make game of the year! it has all what we need in a Monster Catch'em World! uck the Guns, you have building, catching, leveling, survival! there is just so much more then just Monsters and Guns. its cool but its just the tip of the iceberg!

10 days ago

2:18 would have been cool if you actually watched the video with the sound though.

10 days ago

It’s the perfect monster taming game??

10 days ago

I don't understand where the ratio for this video is coming from

10 days ago

i hope this game is sucessfull because this might actually force nintendo to do one coopetition is always good

10 days ago

this is gonna be the weirdest fucking game ever. guns, capturing creatures and slavery. this is gonna be so fucked lol

10 days ago

OMG I’m going to be obsessed with this game!

10 days ago

Glad to see you excited for this game. Pokemon fans really ought to branch out to other monster tamer games. There's so many good alternatives out already or on their way. I've been really enjoying Cassette Beasts lately. Palworld really does seem to have the most going for it in terms of having something to appeal to everyone though.

10 days ago

Who in their right mind wouldn't be excited for Pokemon with guns

10 days ago

in my opinion this looks like if the pokemon devs got high as fuck for like 3 days and somehow made a full game there, its hillarious and i love it

10 days ago

Palworld looks amazing. I love that there are ecology animations and interaction animations like Unity Attacks, Riding Abilities, Petting Animations and what not. It is super cool. Palworld is lowkey gonna be a gamechanger.

10 days ago

I've given up all hope for Pokemon. There is a place in my heart ready for Palworld, lol. Please be good, please be good, please be good.

10 days ago

I wasnt aware this is a thing but it looks fun and hilarious

10 days ago

The game is looking good so far. Can't wait for it to release

10 days ago

Rip Pasifist%

10 days ago

The designs do look better than most modern Pokémon designs, to be honest (or at least a portion of these designs). I also agree that this game is what Pokémon Legends Arceus should have been. I have wanted a Pokémon game to have features like this for a while now and this game looks really interesting.

10 days ago

13:04 TRUE! I do like a lot of Gen 8 designs though

10 days ago

This Palworld trailer really shows how great Ampharos's design/ silhouette is. Pokémon needs to return to it's Gen 1-3 monster design roots.

10 days ago

It looks sik

10 days ago

1:01 I love this thing's design. Looking like a pseudo legendary

10 days ago

Ill try to like it. Its Just the only thing that throws me off is the guns. It seems so out of place but I guess its not the end of the world

10 days ago

Oh look a shooter game. Not like there isn't a million of those already

10 days ago

Thinking back on it when did Pokémon start with the whole legendaries/ mythics have alternative forms, cause what legends did right was giving the option for Palkia and Dialga to change and I love Palkia’s new form

10 days ago

I just hope the world is massive, tears of the kingdom set such an expectation for me

10 days ago

I hope this gets on switch. Keep it up!

10 days ago

This game is gonna be like the deadpool of marvel movies in respect to pokemon. More emphasis on coke fueled zaniness that doesnt take itself seriously with a bit of that rated R factor thrown in for spice.

10 days ago

I've been waiting for news on this! Hell yeah

10 days ago

Man, I really want one of these pokemon clones to succeed, I just want them to not box themselves in the "I'm' yet another pokemon clone" gimmick and be generally good games. Beginning of the trailer also has Breath of the WIld vibes, talk about a title that changed modern games forever.

10 days ago

I agree with a lot of what you say but I don't see this beating Final fantasy rebirth

10 days ago

Personally not my thing, funny for a "lets See" but not much more

10 days ago

If this game comes out to Switch, wake me :^

10 days ago

Yeah ever since my cousin and I found it on steam of last year's January, we've checked monthly for any updates on the game because this actually looks really exciting and fun to play. I'm definitely buying this game on launch day!