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Path of Exile | What’s in the Necropolis Mystery Box?

With no duplicate rewards!

The company has recently unveiled the Necropolis Mystery Box, adopting the same format as its predecessors, the Kalandra and Sentinel Mystery Boxes, boasting a no-duplicate microtransaction policy. Within this enigmatic box, each microtransaction comes with unique visual behaviors designed to enhance gameplay experiences.

Inside the Necropolis Mystery Box, there are a total of 22 distinct microtransactions awaiting discovery. These microtransactions come with various thematic variations, ensuring a diverse range of rewards for players. Notably, players won’t encounter duplicate copies of variations they’ve already obtained. For instance, while opening one variant of a microtransaction, subsequent openings may reveal different variants, effectively eliminating the possibility of duplicates.

The absence of duplicates means that with each box opened, players incrementally increase their chances of unlocking the remaining microtransactions yet to be obtained.


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