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PEACEMAKER IS FINALLY HERE! Mortal Kombat 1 – Official Peacemaker Gameplay Trailer REACTION!

Hello everyone!

Its been awhile since I covered Mortal Kombat!
But today Im back with another reaction video to the next DLC character, the gun totting snappy Peacemaker!

Im super excited about his inclusions and cant wait to see how he plays In game!

Do you like his design, how he plays?
What do you think of his call backs to the show?
Please do comment down below!

So with that said please do enjoy my reaction!

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1 month ago

Where's the new character Peacemaker? I can't see him.

1 month ago

Man. I hate to admit it but I will. I just bought the game a couple days ago because of the trailer.

1 month ago

It's still a shock to me that this once obscure character has now been in a movie, gotten his own show, and featured in a Mortal Kombat game all in the span of 3 years.

1 month ago

Just so were all clear, is Jannet cage supposed to be an alternate timeline version of Jonny Cage?

1 month ago

I’m shocked that Peacemaker became Popular for just 3 Years and it also Revolutionized John Cena’s Career in a New Light, anyway NRS made Peacemaker and Janet as Energetic and Over the Top Goofy in the Best Way Possible that just left me feeling Happy and having a Smile in a Good Mood this Morning, Peacemaker is more than just a Gun Character as he has Trick Helmets, a Shield, Eagley as a literal Wingman, Air Trust, Air Gus that would make Bill and Ted Proud, and a Hilarious Charisma that shows that John Cena was having Fun and the Time of His Life playing this Character and Janet is perhaps the First Kameo that has Voice Lines and has Johnny’s Missing Green Glow with her Own unique style, not to mention I haven’t seen a Muscular Female Character in the Franchise since MK9, can’t wait to hear Peacemaker’s Dialogues in the Next Week, also I’m Surprised my Comment is on Top of this Trailer which I wasn’t Expecting It but I’m flattered

1 month ago

You haven’t been playing MK that much lately because you have been down the BG3 rabbit hole like the rest of us, don't lie 😜

1 month ago

Peace Maker more like war mangoer

1 month ago

Welcome back history behind warrior it looks really good too looking forward to using the new character too I'm a big mortal combat soon I play mortal combat at my brother's house after Christmas I played a little bit of story mode looking forward to play his character real soon.

1 month ago


1 month ago

All we need now is a Homelander trailer.

1 month ago

Is that a SF6 Cammy desk matt? Where did you get it?

1 month ago

They characterized peacemaker perfectly

1 month ago

I’m a little split between Peacemaker, there are some things I found underwhelming but I like the enthusiasm and ridiculousness that’s been feeling absent since the story mode. I will say the developers missed a big opportunity in Janet’s fatality, it could’ve been the same uppercut shot in 3 different camer angles and the zoom out shot shows 3 decapitated heads in reference to the MK 2 glitch.

1 month ago

Johnny Cage should be able to break the 4th and go da da daaaah

1 month ago

Deadass couldve been in that new suicide squad game, probably would’ve made it better

1 month ago

John Cena has voice acting experience in an animated Scooby Doo movie

1 month ago

Finally, a New Mortal Kombat Video! 🎉🎉🎉

1 month ago

Have a discord page??

1 month ago

Who's Janet cadge?

1 month ago

I like how he calls Mileena "bangable" but the only part she took offense to was being called a monster.

1 month ago

Peacemaker really fits in more than I would've thought

1 month ago

Tekken and mortal Kombat both my favorite so don't worry plus I'm native American so,I love it because of the eagle the eagle is one of the symbols of my people actually

1 month ago

This game will grant the opportunity to bring up John Cena vs Jean Claude Van Damme😎

1 month ago

Bloodsport: “Why him? Why not me?”

1 month ago

Janet Cage is a welcoming addition.

1 month ago

I'm hoping MK1 pulls an Overwatch 2 patch and re-balances the game into something wilder than it was.

1 month ago

HBTW, I have not seen you in a long time. How have you been?

1 month ago

So much personality in this character and I love it.(Sorry it popped up multiple times, internet was being stupid.)

1 month ago

This is the John cena I like he was good in 12 rounds & the marine & fast 9 to I think

1 month ago