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Persona 2 and 4 Remakes reportedly in development

Persona 3 Reload released last week to a wave of success, with the remake of the PS2 classic becoming the most played ATLUS game on Steam at launch. It seems as though the studio has many more Persona projects in the works, with remakes of both Persona 2 and 4 said to be in development.

As reported by known ATLUS insider β€˜MbKKssTBhz5’, in response to a number of fans on Twitter who asked about possible Persona 2 and 4 remakes, the leaker revealed that β€œBoth exist at Atlus.”

Though no additional context was given, Midori did previously report on the state of Persona remakes, claiming back in July of last year that Persona 3 Reload was the only remake currently in development. It seems as though the Persona 2 and 4 projects have therefore been relatively recent conceptions – meaning we will likely be waiting quite a while for them.

While Persona 4 still holds up in many ways – especially following its remaster a couple years ago – the 2nd Persona game is much further removed from the current format of the JRPG series, and so a from-the-ground-up remake would be greatly appreciated.

While some games need it more than others, hopefully this latest report means that pretty much all mainline Persona games are set to be remade eventually.

KitGuru says: What do you think of the report? Would you play a Persona 4 remake? What about P2? Let us know down below.

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