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Phasmophobia Cursed Possessions – All spawn locations

We could all use a bit of supernatural help from time to time. Or at least that’s what a strange and terrifying figure once told me- Anyway, here are all the spawn locations on every map for all the Cursed Possessions in Phasmophobia.

All Cursed Possessions in Phasmophobia

Besides your tools and technology gear such as the Head Mounted Camera you can use during your ghost hunts in Phasmophobia, there are a total of seven Cursed Possessions. These supernatural items will help you during your hunts by providing certain advantages but with the risk of them taking a toll on you with negative effects. In a normal hunt with no custom settings, only one Cursed Possession spawns on the map.

Their spawn points won’t change when resetting your run, decreasing the random nature of the Cursed Possessions. Here is a list of all Cursed Possession and then you will see all the maps in the game with the Crused Possession spawn points represented by their icons on the map.

Cursed Possession Effects

Cursed Possession Effect
Haunted Mirror Looking at the Mirror will show the ghost’s favorite room and will also decrease your Sanity. Breaking the Mirror at 0% Sanity will cause the next hunt to become a cursed hunt.
Monkey Paw The Money Paw will fulfill a specific amount of wishes depending on the difficulty. These wishes vary from trapping the ghost, seeing it, reviving a friend, or even changing the weather.
Music Box If you activate the Music Box and the ghost is closeby, it will sing along allowing you to pinpoint its location.
Ouija Board The Ouija Board is used to communicate directly with the ghost in exchange for Sanity. You can ask for its location, shyness, purpose, and many other things.
Summoning Circle By lighting the five candles across it – and taking a toll on Sanity -, the Summoning Circle will summon the ghost to the location of the circle. Perfect for taking pictures.
Tarot Cards With a whole variety of cards, picking any of the Tarot Cards will trigger an effect on the players or on the ghost. These can teleport the ghost, trigger cursed hunt or ghost events, and even drop your Sanity levels to 0%, among others.
Voodoo Doll Interacting with the Voodoo Doll and pushing in the 10 pins stuck at it will force the ghost to perform an interaction.

Cursed Possession Spawn Points in Phasmophobia

6 Tanglewood Drive

Screenshot: Karotte Phasmo Team

10 Ridgeview Court

Phasmophobia 10 Ridgeview Court Cursed Possessions
Screenshot: Karotte Phasmo Team

13 Willow Street

Phasmophobia 13 Willow Street Cursed Possessions
Screenshot: Karotte Phasmo Team

42 Edgefield Road

Phasmophobia 42 Edgefield Road Cursed Possessions
Screenshot: Karotte Phasmo Team

Bleasdale Farmhouse

Phasmophobia Bleasdale Farmhouse Cursed Possessions
Screenshot: Karotte Phasmo Team

Brownstone High School

Phasmophobia Brownstone High School Cursed Possessions
Screenshot: Karotte Phasmo Team

Camp Woodwind

Phasmophobia Camp Woodwind Cursed Possessions
Screenshot: Karotte Phasmo Team

Grafton Farmhouse

Phasmophobia Grafton Farmhouse Cursed Possessions
Screenshot: Karotte Phasmo Team

Maple Lodge Campsite

Phasmophobia Maple Lodge Campsite Cursed Possessions
Screenshot: Karotte Phasmo Team


Phasmophobia Prison Cursed Possessions
Screenshot: Karotte Phasmo Team

Sunny Meadows Mental Institution

Phasmophobia Sunny Meadows Mental Institution Cursed Possessions
Screenshot: Karotte Phasmo Team

Except for a couple of maps, the Cursed Possessions will be found all across the different rooms and zones. Using them will end the setup stage and – except for the Ouija Board and the Summoning Circle – these can only work in the investigation area. Beware of the negative effects and Sanity level decrease that will torment you when using them and combine them with your gear so that you can finish the hunt and your objectives in general on time.

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