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Planes Control’s latest update takes us to the hustling and bustling Rio de Janeiro airport for the Carnival

  • The Rio de Janeiro Carnival update returns
  • Players will have to manage this super busy airport as lots of tourists fly in to witness the ocassion

We’re about halfway through Rio de Janeiro’s world-renowned Carnival and Spanish indie game studio Rarepixels has just decided to chime into the celebrations. They will be bringing the electrifying atmosphere of the Carnival to smaller screens in the form of an update for their popular title, Planes Control.

This isn’t the first time the Rio de Janeiro Carnival has been featured in the game. After last year’s success, the studio has brought back the beloved celebration that is full of vibrancy and life. The party begins on February 16th and will run all the way up to March 6th, giving players ample time to participate in the events.

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Naturally, the update will transport players to Rio, where they must manage this extremely busy airport that has a huge influx of passengers due to the Carnival. Several aircraft are waiting to land safely and players must navigate through loads of chaos such as air traffic, pilots asking for directions, and colourful birds that may pose to be a challenge.

Planes Control has been known to bring such captivating gaming experiences to players through limited-time updates. In the past, we’ve seen Halloween, Christmas, Oktoberfest in Munich, the Holi festival, Saint Patrick’s Day, and many more. Now, the Rio de Janeiro Carnival joins the fray as another celebration of diverse cultures.

Speaking about the update, a spokesperson for Rarepixels said, “This limited-time update of Planes Control offers players a fresh perspective on the carnival experience, enhancing their gaming enjoyment and celebrating the cultural significance of carnivals worldwide. We aim to ensure that every gamer, regardless of location, can partake in the Carnival festivities, if only on their mobile phone screen.”

Get ready for a rocking event by downloading Planes Control by clicking on your preferred link below. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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