Platinum Games April Fools Joke Leaves Fans Scratching Their Heads, Watch New Trailer Here

Platinum Games have been teasing for quite some time now that they were set to announce a new game on April 1st. However, many of us were skeptical as today is a day filled with jokes and fake announcements, and we were right!

Platinum Games did not actually announce a new game, but rather a joke. The recently released trailer for their new game “Sol Cresta”, seems pretty believable, but as you can tell, its just a joke. Many are still speculating that Platinum Games have something exciting to announce, but time will have to tell. The minute and a half long trailer goes the length on trying to sell you on this “new game”, and I can applaud the developers for being committed to the joke.

Check out the shocking announcement from Platinum Games down below:

In related news, Monster Boy developer, FDG Entertainment, took to Twitter last night to announce their brand new game – -Ducktales Quackshot. However, since its April Fool’s, of course it wasn’t real.

But the funny part of the April Fool’s joke is that the game is actually real, but Disney denied the developers the license to work on the game! Yes, of course Disney would pass on something cool like Ducktales Quackshot, a new Ducktales game featuring the new art style from the rebooted animated show. Check out the Ducktales Quackshot April Fools Joke right here!

With April Fool’s Day coming to an end, what was your favorite joke? Was it Platinum Games Announcement? Overwatch’s Googly eyes? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: YouTube


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