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Play Elder Scrolls Online for FREE on Steam right now

Explore Tamriel without paying a penny

If you’ve a penchant for high fantasy and massive open world games, there’s a brilliant opportunity to indulge in one of your favorite genres, as Elder Scrolls Online is currently free-to-play on Steam right now.

Plus, if you do end up enjoying Tamriel, you’ll still have time to pick up the ESO base game at a 75% discount once the event ends — so don’t mess about, click that button below!

If you’ve not played the game before, you’re in for a treat. The world of Tamriel, where the game’s set, is a huge, sprawling landscape filled with mythical and magical monsters, creatures of all kinds to battle, towns to explore, caves to loot, items and weapons to find and craft — and much more beyond that. It’s a massive online RPG from the makers of the Elder Scrolls franchise, boasting more than 22 million players inside its world.

Dive in, create your own character and find out what keeps bringing millions of gamers back to this epic. Drop whatever you’re playing and make the most of this F2P ESO event before it ends on April 9.

And if you end up loving what ESO has in store, why not check out the rest of the games in the series? You can find the best Elder Scrolls prices by using our nifty table below.

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