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Players Will Soon Get Bully & Other Rockstar Games For Free

Rockstar has many popular games that players have loved since their release, the top three being Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, and Bully. All of these games are due for a sequel, as many players are waiting for Red Dead Redemption to get anything, anything at all, it seems that even Bully will get a sequel while it waits. The GTA 6 title is still set to release in 2025.

There is a lot to say about Rockstar games as not only have they added Red Dead Redemption to GTA+, which is a console subscription for the video game that also offers the other title for free, but it seems that Bully and LA Noire will be next on the list.

According to IGN, more games will be coming to the list from Rockstar. “We recently added Red Dead Redemption — with access to Undead Nightmare — to the stellar Games Included With GTA+ library, and Members can look forward to more Rockstar classics becoming available later this year, including L.A. Noire and Bully,” Rockstar said.

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Not to mention IGN has also shared some leaks regarding possible new DLC for GTA 5, which is lead to be believed due to Rockstar saying that have something “big” in store for the game. But this doesn’t change the plans for GTA 6 which are still for the game to release in 2025.

Rockstar also teased that they are adding a brand new supercar in the summer GTA Online update. Here is what they said. “Plus, look out for the opportunity to secure a new bonus super car as part of your GTA+ Membership with this summer’s big GTA Online update,” Rockstar said.

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