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PlayStation Plus Explained – The Ultimate Guide to PS Plus

New PS5 owner? Trying to decide whether PlayStation Plus is for you? Our ultimate guide to PlayStation Plus explains all three membership tiers and outlines the amazing benefits that come with each – from a vast and varied catalogue of fantastic PS5 and PS4 games, to exclusive discounts, game trials and more.

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We use the AverMedia Live Gamer Ultra, Elgato 4K60 S+, and Atomos Ninja V and Ninja Inferno for gameplay capture.

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0:00 Introduction
0:32 Plus Essential
2:31 Plus Extra
3:48 Plus Premium
5:31 Outro


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1 month ago

Best video I could find on this. We are getting a PS5 next week and I am thinking which subscription is the best

1 month ago

Can I buy a game with out subscribing

1 month ago

Do I need to subscribe to buy a game

1 month ago

Well done.

1 month ago

does premium come with all the games that extra and essential have

1 month ago

How much is a ps plus extra gift card cost and how do i tell the difference between the three?

1 month ago

Can you keep the games that "leave" the catalog?

1 month ago

Do you still need to download the games?

1 month ago

Does the monthly games from essential goes to game catalog to extra or no?

1 month ago

How do I pay for Playstation Plus Premium monthly on PS5? It's only giving me the yearly option

1 month ago

haha cool of duty

1 month ago

hi I'm new to playstation. so by subscribers to the playstation plus, I can download all the game from the catalogue list for free?

1 month ago

If you cancel your ps plus do you still get the remaining time you had on ps + or does everything just go away ?

1 month ago

Does premium included extra too or no

1 month ago

Today i bought a second hand ps4, it's my first time having a ps console so i just have 1 question… all these games in catalog, included in premium tier, are they free to download or ?

1 month ago

Why can't I play any premium games without sreaming???

1 month ago

Can I watch movies from it? This is Sony

1 month ago

Is it available in ps4 slim?

1 month ago

As a PS5 player, I find it funny how they sell multiplayer and cloud storage as this breaktrough feature, that you have to pay for, while I see my friend using steam and getting all of that for free💀
Just wanted to say that, I think those things should be available without paying for PS Plus, especially since most other platforms DO offer them for free.

1 month ago

Menuda bazofia de juegos del mes de diciembre, mucho dinero para Sony y poca calidad para el usuario.

1 month ago

Can we play downloaded games after subscription ends?

1 month ago

wait did prices skyrocket recently? I just used the link and it says Extra is 134.99 which is like $50 for than essential.

1 month ago

I got premium January 2023 and it was $120 2024 it set to renew and they’re telling me it’s going to be $154 plus tax for the renewal why

1 month ago

I got a 12 month card about 18 months ago will it still work if I register it on my console?!

1 month ago

Guys bit new with all these so trying to figure out how this works..if u have PS plus do you still need to buy a new game currently spider man game do i need to buy it to be able to take advantage of PS plus or all these online games i can play even if i dont own them?

1 month ago

How does the free trial work

1 month ago

This videos are so high quality definitely subscribing