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PlayStation Portal: Hands On With Sony’s New Remote Play Handheld

The PlayStation Portal is a $200 handheld device that puts PS5 games in the palm of your hand… as long as you’re on Wi-Fi. Previously known as Project Q, Portal uses the PS5’s remote play feature to stream games from your console. Importantly, the Portal also offers all the features and ergonomics of the PS5’s excellent DualSense controller, including haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and its touchpad.


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21 days ago

The worst move playstation could have done for a handheld

21 days ago

Waste of money

21 days ago

no device surpass psp ❤

21 days ago


21 days ago

This is Carp!! Still waiting for vita 2 !

21 days ago

Excellent for when you are arguing with your significant other, and you drive her crazy by bringing your PS 5 to bed with you!

21 days ago

This is so dumb. Can’t believe it’s limited to Ps5.

21 days ago

Why does this not have fuckinh blutooth

21 days ago

such a pointless device

21 days ago

So disappointing 🤦🏾‍♂️

21 days ago

This is dumb to be honest. The fact you need the ps5 to play this. Also what if you cant access any wifi and your in the woods. They should have made it a hand held ps that is up to date w any network. Sure cool device tho

21 days ago

Dam playstation yall almost hit the bullseye the handheld controls we always wanted a actual controller perfect!!! Then remote play only 😢😭 NOOOOO!!!!!

21 days ago

The original psp has more value than this remote with an integrated screen.

21 days ago

So no 2 player games😅

21 days ago

what if it gets stick drift? gotta buy another one ?

21 days ago

Not interested…back to playing my PSVita.

21 days ago

Can u use this without having the ps5

21 days ago

No Bluetooth and you need internet naw that’s wack.

21 days ago

It’s truly a shame that they decided to make this. There are easily 3 other products that do this. Maybe this one does it better, but at this point you’re putting $800 into just playing your ps5 at the end of the day

21 days ago

Dear Sony-


That is all

21 days ago

PlayStation link FFS….cash grab

21 days ago

This is basically the backbone with a screen

21 days ago

Come on
There are ton of handled console game devices …. they all work without connection or connecting to other device
Why you making this sh**t ??

21 days ago

It's just an android tablet with controllers buttons and sticks purtruding fron the side

21 days ago

Unbelievable that how Delusional the hardcore sony fan bois actually are
defending this 🗑️

21 days ago

The fact that there is NO BLUETOOTH!

21 days ago

Bro PLEASE keep doing more of these more often

21 days ago

So everyone now (including parents) is unbelievably dumb and don’t ask anything about something they want to buy and just like that they throw money !!!!!!!

21 days ago

So basically its just same as u can do on your phone/ tablet with xbox lol 😆 😂 just need contoller for 30 pound 😂😂 you ps people are actually crazy 😅😅😅 the tablets are bigger screens and most run faster and do everything else

21 days ago

Max $99 otherwise hard pass.

21 days ago

Psp was before its time bring it back & make it better

21 days ago

The power of the sun in the palm of my hand

21 days ago

No online???

21 days ago

No Bluetooth.. does it have a 3.5 jack?