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Server talk – new servers, retiring servers

I dont often get a chance to talk to you guys just one on one and nerd out about server stuff.  SO here it is! 12 minuets discussing where i’m at with the network currently and what i am dealing with. We talk about how Mayohost had a hidden rule of no adult content and locked my panel login without telling me a single word.


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Hunter and Brandon Law the law Brothers

We got a chance to sit down with our good friends Hunter And Brandon Law. We have known these guys for quite some time so it made doing this podcast alot easier and a little more laid back than it would normally be.  If you are unfamiliar with these brothers they are currently doing their thing in the indy wrestling scene and we will say (Kiling it) Both have heald titles across muitiple organizations and Hunter having even wrestled at a Ring Of Honor event.  (I will include that video here).