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Pokemon Fan Art Imagines Alakazam as a Fighting-Type


  • Just-Drawing-Mons reimagined Alakazam as a Fighting-type Pokemon with nunchucks, showcasing creative fan designs for beloved characters.
  • Alakazam, a powerful Psychic-type Pokemon, evolves from Abra and can Mega Evolve into Mega Alakazam with the Alakazite item.
  • Despite its strength and popularity, Alakazam is missing from the latest Pokemon games, showcasing the evolving roster of Generation 1 Pokemon.



A Pokemon fan has come up with a Fighting-type version of Alakazam. Similar redesign efforts for the series’ other beloved characters can be regularly spotted online.

Part of the initial 151 Pokemon featured in the original Nintendo Game Boy releases, Alakazam is the final form of the Pokemon Abra. The powerful Psychic-type evolves from Abra’s next form, Kadabra, when it is traded or exposed to a Linking Cord. Additionally, it can Mega Evolve into Mega Alakazam using Alakazite, which is an item that was introduced in the series’ sixth generation. One Pokemon fan has attempted to reimagine Alakazam by giving the Psychic-type a completely different attribute.


Pokemon Fan Art Gives Lucario a Monster Hunter-Themed Makeover

A talented Pokemon fan redesigns the Fighting/Steel-type Lucario using the same art style used for the creatures of the Monster Hunter series.

In a post on the Pokemon subreddit, user Just-Drawing-Mons shared their idea of a Fighting-type Alakazam. The fan design sported new hair and mustache styles, as well as a new color scheme. Just-Drawing-Mons, who also goes by the name Just_Drawings709 on Instagram, has created other similar reworks in the past. Some of their recent illustrations were Ice-type versions of Cacnea and Cacturne. The artist also created clever convergent forms for Magnemite and Magneton that received praise from fellow Pokemon fans.

Unlike many of Just-Drawing-Mons’ previous works, however, the Fighting-type redesign for Alakazam was distinct as it also carried nunchucks as weapons. Alakazam, which is considered to be one of the best Generation 1 Psychic-type Pokemon, wielded a pair of silver spoons in its original design. These spoons, which are made using an Alakazam’s psychic powers, act as amplifiers for their abilities and are only given to people who they trust.

How to Evolve Kadabra to Alakazam

  • Trade Kadabra or use a Linking Cord

With its speed and high damage potential, Alakazam is also considered to be among the strongest of the original 151 Pokemon. Mega Alakazam further builds up on the Psychic-type’s already impressive statistics, as the new form provides a base 150 Speed and 175 Special Attack. To put that into perspective, Arceus, the creator of the universe in the Pokemon canon, has 120 Speed and 120 Special Attack.

Despite its strength and popularity among fans, Alakazam is part of the long list of Generation 1 Pokemon that are missing from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, which are the games for the series’ current ninth generation era. Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle and several other Generation 1 favorites were added to the latest Pokemon titles via The Indigo Disc DLC that came out in December 2023. The expansion also marked the debut of the Legendary Pokemon Terapagos, which has Normal, Terestral, and Stellar Forms.



Pokemon is a franchise that needs no introduction. One of the most successful media empires in history, Pokemon spans games, television, films, manga, merchandise, music, and more.

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