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Pokemon Go’s next community day will be titled Memories of Mudkip

With another Community Day on the horizon, developer Niantic has announced the Pokemon for one of the two April Community Days hosted within its ever-popular alternate reality title Pokemon Go. This one will be based around one of the most recognizable, and most adorable Pokemon of them all, Mudkip.

Pokemon Go fans have been treated to an absurd amount of events during the game’s lifespan, and it is showing absolutely no signs of stopping anytime soon. In the next few weeks alone, players can expect new legendary Pokemon raids, the aforementioned April Community Day, and some other smaller events as well. With all of this content, it’s easy to see how Pokemon Go has retained its spot near the top of the charts for so long.

But, about the Mudkip day specifically, it’s no different than the other Community Days. For those unfamiliar, these events are hosted (usually) twice per month and up the spawn rate of a certain Pokemon alongside adding in a new attack for their evolved form. A recent addition to these days was the adding in of special Research Stories related to the chosen Pokemon. These are basically small story events with some cutscenes that add a bit of flavour to the event. Along with all of those additions, there will also be a 3x catch XP multiplier, the upping of timers for lures and incense from one to three hours, and a surprise for anyone who takes a few snapshots during the event’s runtime as well.

As is usual for Community Days, the exact runtime for the Mudkip day will be from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM local time on Sunday, April 10th. If you’ve been looking to get your hands on a Mudkip, or just want some big XP gains, this is the perfect time for it. Alternatively, if seeing Mudkip’s adorable face has finally convinced you to join in the Pokemon Go festivities, you can download it for free on the App Store or Google Play.

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