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NEW starter Pokemon hints for Pokemon Legends Z-A? We also have new details and updates to take a look at for the upcoming Pokemon game! Let’s go over all of the latest information and details for Pokemon Legends Z-A!

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Pokemon Legends Z-A:
Pokemon Legends Z-A, a new Pokemon Legends game based in the Kalos region, has just been announced! A new adventure awaits within Lumiose City, where an urban redevelopment plan is underway to shape the city into a place that belongs to both people and Pokémon. Please look forward to seeing it for yourself.​​

Pokemon Legends Z-A has just been announced! On this channel you will find Pokemon news about the new Pokemon games, Rumors & Leaks for Pokemon Legends Z-A, Reactions to new trailers and much more! We’ll be keeping you up to date with everything to do with Pokemon so make sure to stick around to hear all of the latest news!


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27 days ago

What do you think the starter Pokemon will be for Legends Z-A? Let me know!
Let's try for 500 likes!

27 days ago

I think they made the right move to move away from Ash, I would love to see Ash only show up as an adult or grandfather figure to cameo and help our new protagonist

27 days ago

That big smile he has is for you chumps. Wasting hours of your lives watching him read lies from the internet

27 days ago

This is an older post from khu even then youre looking far too into it. Literally the top comment on that post shows Khu took the images from someone else on reddit.
Dont overthink the chesnaught, its not khu in the image

27 days ago

Mega Crawdaunt or i’m boycotting

27 days ago

purple for genesect????

27 days ago

Johto is the only other place mentioned within LA

27 days ago

the mid book in PLA maybe Legend Mewtwo ?

27 days ago

I personally hope Ash doesn’t return. I didn’t really like him and as such couldn’t get into the anime. When Liko came in I really liked her character and have finally been able to enjoy the anime 🙂 it feels good to be a Pokémon fan who can actually engage with this big part of the franchise

27 days ago

OK let's say this company that everywhere is the rich Villain and that brings megas, gmax, and typhlosion just like how the last dlc had typhlosion in a biodome

27 days ago


27 days ago

The only “proof” from official sources of legends Z-A being in the future is a sound and the visual representation of the lumios city blueprint. Almost every other piece of “proof” is speculation. I don’t think we should expect it until Nintendo themselves announce it.

27 days ago

So buildings could work like poke pelago?

27 days ago

Z-A is S-V just flipped

27 days ago

The game is going to be in the PAST. People need to give up on the whole future idea. Lumiose City is based on Paris and Paris was redeveloped in the 1860's. It was already a city LONG before then, but it was reworked later. It is still in the past.

I'm happy that Ash isn't the main character anymore. I never liked him. I hope he stays gone.

27 days ago

So you're talking about the sound design, and don't play the sound!?

27 days ago

Riddler has no credibility. He lost it when Legends Z-A was announced. The game is not going to be set in both past and future. Its one or the other. No thanks, Legends games are terrible. Having a third one would be a nightmare. Gen 2 don't need any game. Ash is not coming back after XY and Journeys destroyed his character. He can stay gone from the show. Pokemon movies don't need to happen anymore.

27 days ago

As far as those book go at 5:09 the green one must represent Z-A if that’s the case then theirs a purple looking book maybe it’s a legends Johto or Legends Alola😮 which I think would be very fitting to have since it’s apart of the multi dimensional storyline unlike Galar.

27 days ago

That PLZA rumor was sounding mighty interesting UNTIL they mentioned that Greninja would get fat and presumably slower. I just can't see them making the most popular starter from the region into anything but a badass-looking mega Pokémon. It could definitely change as compared to Ash-Greninja but I suspect that it will still very much so look like Greninja. I do, however, hope that they think of some new battle system aside from the Strong and Shift styles and the idea of combining two moves together would be quite interesting. If PLZA has a limited move pool in the same fashion as PLA then such a thing would be more controllable from a programming standpoint paired with the fact that this game will likely not be the competitive game and instead remain a mostly single-player experience (although I'd love for them to add in co-op things to help spice up the game over its life).

27 days ago

Man I wish sv got more dlc this year while we wait for za. I need a live service main series game or Pokémon mmo

27 days ago

I don’t care too much about what the game will be about other than Zygarde because I love Zygarde and I’m upset I can’t put it in Violet yet. Lol I really enjoy pla so I’m hoping za is similar in gameplay

27 days ago

This phrase is in 5 places. In paldea real estate agency, in coffe shop, two places bound with local comuniction system and on bilbord. Maybe 5 bosses in legends z-a are bound to economy themetic. Maybe because that redevelopment are always bond to make economy of the city better

27 days ago

The purple book; pecharunt. The Pokemon language; each character represents a sound not single letters. I've been studying this in Scarlet and Sword. Also there are at least 2 different languages that they use. That's why it's so difficult to translate

27 days ago

8:09 Still baffled at that decision. They had multiple Pokemon Anime running at the Same time before. Remember Origins, Generations and Chronicles running at the same time as the Main Series Anime? Horizons feels like another Spin-Off that they positioned as the Main Series instead. Ash's Adventures made the Pokemon World, just that, A living breathing World that we couldn't experience in the games.

27 days ago

Imagine if at the end of Liko's journey, she battles ash like how Gold battles Red

27 days ago

I don't think the three books mean much cuz why would they limit themselves on three games. Since the Legends line has already become a fan-favourite, why would they only make three. Doesn't seem likely to me.

27 days ago

I'm thinking Sobble would be the water starter for ZA because of spy movies sometimes, not all the time, takes place in France.

27 days ago

I feel like we going to have to build the city by collecting martial.

27 days ago

Making greninja fat is like making charizard a tiny bug there is no way they are removing what makes greninja greninja

27 days ago

To a point no Ash is out I’m done with the anime series. What I really would like game freak to do is add Ash to the remakes as a playable character especially with new remakes. Because it be cool.

27 days ago

Hi Matt, happy Sunday, looking fresh tday!
So one book is for Zygarde and the other one…for Celebi? 🤞🏻T__T

27 days ago

I hope thag leak is fake, I have the feeling Fire/Ghost is becoming like Fire/Fighting.

27 days ago

I mean, Paris did a RE-development in the 1800s, but sure, re-development doesn't make sense for the past.

27 days ago

I just think it's no use to expect this game to be on the future. We could time travel, but I'm 99% sure we will start on the same timeframe we did on Legends Arceus, first because legends are things made (or thought to be made/happen) in the past but mainly because Lumiose is based on Paris, and Paris itself was redeveloped on the 19th century. I don't think they would pass the chance of working with a similar timeframe to Legends Arceus, the games could be direct sequels timeline wise.

27 days ago

I think the starters will be Snivy, Torchic & Piplup