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Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket – Official Announcement Trailer | Pokemon Presents 2024

Collect digital Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) cards, trade, and battle with friends in Pokémon Trading Card Game Pocket. Check out the reveal trailer for Pokémon Trading Card Game Pocket to see what you can expect with this upcoming game from Creatures Inc., and DeNA Co. Ltd. Pokémon Trading Card Game Pocket will be available in 2024 for iOS and Android devices.

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1 month ago

"We need more money by selling fake card"

1 month ago

lame. so it's basically just palworld without guns. 🙄

1 month ago

Do you reckon this will have a story mode and computer vs player mode?

1 month ago

Card packs are gambling. Those prize machines with the crank, mobile games with Gacha, video games working at launch.

1 month ago

so many pokemon things announced. are they trying to compensate for palworld?

1 month ago

Yeah, but can you play with those cards?

1 month ago

Can’t wait for this ❤

1 month ago


1 month ago

This already available on iso so is this a update too the currently app

1 month ago

Pokémon TCG Poké!

1 month ago


1 month ago

I’m actually a fan of this ngl

1 month ago

Lmao yall complaining about gatch but yall all bouta drop like 300$ over the next 3 years

1 month ago

Honestly they should of done this A long time ago

1 month ago

Pokemon is done

1 month ago

So what’s gonna happened to the other TCG app that already exist

1 month ago

Lmao they made pokemon NFTs for children 💀

1 month ago

Pokemon TCG Duel links?

1 month ago

2 free packs a day, dont need to spend money

1 month ago

So…..Yugioh Dual Links, but Pokemon…?

1 month ago

Pokemon gotcha game…🤣🤷

1 month ago

Palworld Trading Card game when?!

1 month ago

Still can't come up with anything original 🤣.

1 month ago

Nice maybe I’ll learn to play finally after twenty years

1 month ago

Is this a real is it a pack opening simulator

1 month ago

So…. Can you battle? TCG? Or just cards?

1 month ago

Pokémon:duel links

1 month ago

So lootboxes

1 month ago

Lol 4 min trailer then opened like 50 packs, How about we just see gameplay and the modes etc so we can actually get hyped?

1 month ago

So they relaunched Pokémon TCG + ASMR on mobile with emphasis on pack opening🤔

1 month ago

So it's like Yugioh Duel Links. 🤔

1 month ago

Gambling for a new generation

1 month ago