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Pokemon Unite’s latest update adds the Alloy Pokemon Duraludon to the roster

A new update to Pokémon Unite means a new Pokémon has been added to its ever-expanding roster. This time, players will be greeted by Pokémon Sword and Shield’s Alloy Pokémon Duraludon. Duraludon’s light weight allows it to be extremely agile and perform moves in rapid succession. In Pokémon Unite, it plays the role of a Ranged Attacker that uses throwable claws to damage enemies.

Duraludon’s basic attack sees it attack enemies with a fiery blast from its mouth, with the attack being boosted on every third hit. The boosted version sends out a longer beam that deals heavy damage. At level one, the Pokémon can learn to use Laser Focus, that boosts successive basic attacks and Metal Claw, which sees Duraludon use its sharp claws to deal damage and lower movement speed.

Moving onto the higher levels, the Alloy Pokémon learns Flash Cannon or Dragon Pulse at level five. Both of which are area of effect moves, dealing hefty damage to opponents. Flash Cannon ruptures the ground and targets all enemies, decreasing their movement speed in the process. Based on light energy collected, Duraludon can increase the attack intensity and deal even more damage. Dragon Pulse on the other hand, causes Duraludon to lose some movement speed while the move is charged, but causes much more damage in return. Additionally, if it knocks out the enemy Pokémon, it reduces its own cooldown and increases the basic attack damage. The move can also be used to restore HP by knocking out other Pokémon.

Finally, at level seven, it learns Dragon Tail or Stealth Rock. Dragon Tail will see Duraludon bash into another Pokémon and immensely damage it, while Stealth Rock allows it to create a field of levitating rocks that deals damage over time to opponents. On top of these powerful moves is Duraludon’s ultimate move – Revolving Ruin. It deals bucketloads of damage to opponents while increasing its own shield and attack power.

Duraludon is not a Pokémon you want to miss if you want to wreak havoc on Aeos Island. Download Pokémon Unite now for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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