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Pokemon Unite’s next addition is the Darkness Pokemon, Sableye, a Melee Supporter

Halloween might be over but Pokémon Unite still has a surprise planned for players as the spooky Pokémon Sableye joins their roster. The new Pokémon with diamond-like eyes has crept onto Aeos Island and now fights as a Melee Supporter. His license is available at a cost of 12,000 Aeos Coins or 575 Aeos Gems.

Basic Moves

Sableye gains a boosted attack every third move, dealing extra damage and reducing the movement speed of opposing Pokémon. Couple this with Sableye in stealth and you’ve got yourself an extra fear effect, which causes enemies to run away from the Pokémon.

When outside the opponent’s visual field, Sableye activates the Prankster Ability that allows it to enter stealth and boosts movement speed. The stealth lasts for a short time and goes away once it attacks.

Sableye’s Unite Move is called Phantom Ambush, which sees the Pokémon shoot light from its eye, dealing a tonne of AoE damage. Those facing Sableye get frozen and start moving towards the base involuntarily, while the ones facing away have their speed decreased.


Melee Supporters may not be the strongest of the bunch but they sure can ensure chaos occurs. Sableye has powerful disruptive moves that if used smartly, can turn the tide of the battle. his moves allow him to mess around with Aeos Energy, another big plus point. Feint Attack will be extremely handy as it creates dummy Aeos Energy to confuse the opponents.

Sableye will fare particularly well against Melee All-Rounders like Tsareena. Not having any evolutions is obviously a bonus that Sableye will face regardless of opponents. But, besides that, the Pokémon moves grant extra mobility and damage output, both of which can be used to knock out Tsareena, who prefers to score goals early on.

It would be better not to put Sableye up against Ranged Attackers like Cramorant. The disruptor becomes the disrupted as Cramorant’s strong ranged attacks will ensure the Darkness Pokémon doesn’t get a chance to act. It’s best to target attacks based on the opponent’s cooldowns.

Add Sableye to your squad now by downloading Pokémon Unite for free.

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