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Poll: What’s The Best Prince Of Persia Game? Rate Your Favourites For Our Upcoming Ranking

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Rumours that another Prince of Persia game could be coming before the end of the year have got us thinking back not only on the recent (and excellent) Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, but also on the other entries in this long-running series.

While we’ve missed a handful on Nintendo platforms over the years (notably the lovely-looking 2008 reboot), the vast majority of entries are playable on Nintendo’s consoles — a couple of them with multiple different ports. There are quite a few — 15 in total, by our count — which leads us to the obvious question: What’s the best Prince of Persia game?

(It’s Sands of Time.) Who said that? That’s not how it happened…

To find out if it is Sands of Time, we’re asking you lovely lot to rate the ones you’ve played below. As with our other reader-ranked polls, registered Nintendo Life readers can simply scroll down and assign a score from 1-10 for any game in the franchise that you’ve played. We’ve added a couple that were missing from our database, so if you’ve played any of the handheld versions in particular, they’re ready and awaiting a numeral-based critique from your good selves. We’ll publish the results in a comprehensive article soon.

Remember: The full ranking is created from each game’s User Rating and will be subject to real-time change, even after publication. If you’ve previously rated these games in our database, thank you! If not, you can add your score to the game at any time, present or future, and it will still count and influence the order in the article once it’s published.

Let’s take a cinematic, running leap across the gap onto that ledge, shall we?

Rate each Prince of Persia game you’ve played:

Click the stars below to rate out of 10 each Prince of Persia you’ve played on Nintendo systems:

Thanks for rating your favourites — and give us a shout if you think there’s anything missing.

We’ll be revealing the results in due course, but remember: much like our platform Top 50s, the list will be fluid, so even if you miss out on voting before the results are revealed, you can still influence the ranking after publication.

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