Powkiddy X18S Is A New Touchscreen Handheld Dropping In Early 2021

The Powkiddy X18S is an upgraded, and updated version of their previous Powkiddy X18 handheld that sold, somewhat well. Clamshell handhelds are loved, and even though the GPD XD somewhat rules this niche, Powkiddy want to change that.

Powkiddy have really up’ed their game recently, with the successful launch of the Powkiddy RGB20, a large vertical handheld with a stunning screen and enough power to emulate some of the best Dreamcast games you can think of.

Now, before we jump into the details we must inform you that the Powkiddy X18S is not yet officially released, but our good friend SonicLove on YouTube has had some behind the scenes information regarding this handheld, and we are confident this is legit.

As of now, we are trying to contact Powkiddy for more information on the Powkiddy X18S, and will update this article with the latest information as soon as we know. Thank you to SonicLove, for sharing this information with us, top lad!

Powkiddy X18S Specifications (Rumoured)

  • 5.5″ IPS Touchscreen Display
  • Six-Core ARM CortexTM-A55 Processor 2.0 GHZ CPU
  • Mali G52 GPU
  • 6GB – 8GB RAM
  • 5500 MAH Battery
  • USB C
  • Android 10 (with Google Play)

Powkiddy X18S Appearance

As you can tell from the image above the Powkiddy X18S hasn’t changed much from the original design. The biggest changes is the new white shell, which gives the handheld a Nintendo DS feel. We’d love to see a metal variant down the line a bit like the KT R1, but no doubt this would cost the same as a small house.

The 5.5″ screen has stayed the same, the initial button layout the same too. Which we are happy with, the Powkiddy X18S design is great, even if there seems to be “gaps” on the face.

The display is also touchscreen, allowing you to move around the new Android 10 OS naturally, which comes pre-loaded with Google Play. It has four shoulder buttons, two analogue sticks that sit inside of the shell, USB-C charging, HDMI out, headphone out, and a whole bunch of buttons to get you gaming on the go with ease.

Thankfully, they’ve still kept the infamous clamshell design which we feel is underused recently, and with the GPD XD 2 moving away from it, it seems the Powkiddy X18S could be the only handheld on the block using this design.

Only a few images have leaked so it’s hard to determine what the final product will look like, but as of now, it’s very similar to the previous design, just with a new colour shell, USB-C, a better screen and a lot more power.

Let’s Talk About Performance

Again, as of writing this we have very limited information regarding the Powkiddy X18S, but we’re giving you everything we got, we can assure you.

The Powkiddy X18S is going to be a powerhouse, and with the built in Android 10, the possibilities are going to be endless.

Due to the high end specs, and OS it could be a possibility that the Powkiddy X18S will be able to emulate up to Wii and Gamecube games fairly well, but we will wait to see if this is true when we get our hands on a review unit.

What Can The Powkiddy X18S Emulate?

  • Nintendo Wii
  • Gamecube
  • Dreamcast
  • Playstation 1
  • CP System
  • FBA
  • NEOGEO Pocket
  • Gameboy
  • Gameboy Color
  • Gameboy Advance
  • Super Famicom
  • Famicom
  • Mega Drive
  • Sega Master System
  • Game Gear
  • Poke Mini
  • Wonderswan Color
  • Nintendo DS

There are also leaked images of the potential internals and specifications of the Powkiddy X18S below. Again, looking very similar to its older brother but nonetheless far more powerful.

powkiddy x18s specifications

Some of these specs are rumoured to change, so please take this with a pinch of salt. But from what we have heard this Powkiddy X18S is going to be able to emulate some of the best Nintendo Wii games and best Gamecube games possible. This information was taken from other games consoles with the same specs.

Overall, this is everything we know so far. Aesthetically it looks very nice, and appealing to a whole new audience in the retro handheld community, and with the big bump in specs, it could be a potential to rival GPD.

Pricing and Release Date

No information has been leaked regarding the pricing and release date of the Powkiddy X18X, but if we had to guess, we think that the handheld will be priced between $200 – $250.

Release date wise, we predict it will launch between January and April of 2021.

You can keep an eye on the Powkiddy AliExpress store for more information, or follow us on Twitter @retro_dodo for the latest updates.

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