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Promising City Builder House of Legacy Reveals Powerful Building Tools and Gorgeous Art

Developer S3 Studio released a new video of its upcoming city builder meets 4X strategy game and sandbox House of Legacy, focusing on the building tools. 

We hear directly from the developers about the ways you can use the tools to build your ideal city, starting with each building. 

Buildings are created with modular pieces with four orientations matching the isometric perspective. While the overall effect is three-dimensional, all the buildings are actually hand-drawn 2D sprites, which keeps performance requirements down. 

Building elements also automatically merge allowing the player to create beautiful scenes with ponds, gardens, and winding hallways. 

That being said, building elements are not just for show, as they are fully functional and can be traversed by NPCs.

Initially, players have limited control over the city. When their family takes over the government, you can make much more extensive changes like planning the layout of residential districts, academies, government offices, and shops, on top of the city walls, roads, and more. 

Buildings have different features and functions with different numbers of residents, servants, and varying quality of life. We also hear how different plants have different effects on the residents. 

The video also shows farming and industry, letting you grow and craft goods to fuel your growing business. Lastly, we see how more tiles are being created that will let players build grand architectural complexes, alongside a sharing function to share your layouts with other players.

You can watch it below.

The game doesn’t yet have a release date and can be wishlisted on Steam. It also features strategy elements as the player’s power extends beyond the border of the city. 

It’s developed by a small team of three and published by Thermite Games, which interestingly is also publishing a game that looks fairly similar, The Bustling World. Yet, the two games are separate and distinct projects with different features and different art styles.

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