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PS5 Pro Details Leak – IGN Daily Fix

In today’s Daily Fix:
More details about the still unofficial PlayStation 5 Pro have leaked online. Via The Verge, hardware specs for the PS5 Pro, codenamed ‘Trinity,’ suggest an emphasis on better ray tracing and displaying games at better frame rates with higher resolution (finally true 4K/60fps maybe?). Sony has not confirmed anything publicly about a potential PS5 Pro, but all evidence points to a Holiday 2024 launch. In other news, Ubisoft is facing more backlash regarding Star Wars Outlaws, this time around Jabba the Hutt missions that appear to be behind a paywall. Yep, you’ll need to buy the game’s Season Pass in order to access these extra missions. And finally, a piece of early 2000’s gaming history is on sale for a cool $70K. You can own a PSP-branded trailer and really take your gaming on the go.


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1 month ago

My assumption tells even ps6 wont run 4k 60 for tripleA's.they just improve the game load factor to runs game max graphics with 30fps

1 month ago

Funny moore’s law is dead got copyright strike and not IGN

1 month ago

Those who may want to "upgrade" 😂 You could have bought a PC!

1 month ago


1 month ago

Huh… *reaches for wallet"…

1 month ago

Sony isn't releasing any big game this year but are still releasing a PS5 Pro 😒

1 month ago

PS5 Pro will be for 8K gaming. Look online and the cheapest 8K TV is $1,500 at Best Buy. They want it to have higher frame rate for 8K gaming since they promised PS5 was 8K capable. It should also double frame rate for 1080p. PS5 Pro could be 120fps in 1080p.

1 month ago

Will wait to play outlaws when its on sale.

1 month ago

Now this console might be able to run gta 6 at 30 fps

1 month ago

This generation is the most disappointing to date. They still refer to these systems as "next gen", but they're truthfully anything but.

1 month ago

whats the point of getting a ps5 pro when we get games like rise of the ronin at 30fps and bad graphics. Seriously whats the point?

1 month ago

Ok. But when will we get PS5 games?

1 month ago

Why does he give SNOOP vibe?

1 month ago

Why don't the PS5 4K 60fps in the first place…

1 month ago

People needs to use their brain & not get disappointed so easily.
even though PS5 Pro has same cpu not all games not gonna limited to 30 fps.
games that running 30 fps on ps5 due to gpu limitation can very well
reach 60 fps on PS5 Pro. Lots of PS5 games are gpu limited not CPU limited.

1 month ago

The Pro's never share their juice with the CPU's that's why they never get a boost

1 month ago

Jabba the hut aka your mother

1 month ago

Shame the Star wars universe is getting neglected so bad.

1 month ago

I’ll be skipping the new Star Wars game

1 month ago

PS5 Pro is a brute force solution. There needs to be better optimization for current gen. You dont need a canon to kill a fly.

1 month ago

Ngl this console generation has been mad disappointing lol

1 month ago

Do people really think they would make Jabba just for one season pass mission?! I'm fairly sure he is confirmed for the main game & you will have many interactions with him.

1 month ago

Dumb question at this point, but why all these enhancements for a console if its games don't even (want to) reach those specs? They're still releasing PS4-ready games

1 month ago

Not intrested in ps5pro. Just give pressure sens and 3000mAh battery for dualsense

1 month ago

Maybe make games on current console before doing that Sony?

1 month ago

Ah nice. I'm excited to play 2132th remake of The Last of Us on this. Thanks Sony.

1 month ago

Boycott Ubisoft

1 month ago

In this video game thing they are putting the horse before the cart..!!

Performance should come first and game creativity.
Sega & Nintendo should have still been in the lead

1 month ago

Im gonna wait 2 more years till PS6. Especcially, there are no quality PS5 products now

1 month ago

What's with all the bots thinking this is the ps6

1 month ago

Is the one of the worst console cycles ever?

1 month ago

Getting the Pro day 1.

Better ray tracing and PSSR will rock ❤

1 month ago

Wow more power and no new games to play, only remakes

1 month ago

$130 for a single player game….. LMFAO Ubisoft

1 month ago

Outlaws looked fun but im gonna wait till it is deep discounted and dlc added for nothing (GOTY) Day 1 purchases are not what they used to be.

1 month ago

Even worse most of that content is not really substantial enough to warrant the price jump

1 month ago

The best thing that you can do with Ubisofts Star Wars game is to wait and buying at a sale with 30$ fully updated with all DLC'S!! I am willing to bet that it will have tones of problems at lunch like all the other games that lunch in the last 5 years!!

1 month ago

by the end of the year?? wtf

1 month ago

Nah… stuff like that Jaba paywall makes it a VERY EASY PASS on the entire game.

1 month ago

Daily fix intros are getting longer and longer

1 month ago

Remember when ps4 programed out and the one x mopped the floor with it

1 month ago

The DragonBall shirt is so clean!

1 month ago

Single player locked behind paywall? Not int "the bay" where I'm getting it from.

1 month ago

The problem is it took four years to notice the things being pointed out by the majority in this comment section

1 month ago

Anyone who buys this game is ready for this new reality where game levels are available ala carte

1 month ago

Dude this guy's jokes are as bad as his voices. Just do the news. No one is here for your wanna be voice actor/ failed comedian personality 🤢