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PS5 Pro Enhanced games will offer increased resolution, frame rates or improved ray-tracing

We’ve known for a while now that Sony is planning a PlayStation 5 Pro, a mid-generation refresh with more powerful hardware, capable of running games at better settings. The purported specs have already been covered, but now we have information on what games will need to do in order to be seen as ‘PS5 Pro Enhanced’.

According to documents shown to Insider Gaming, the PS5 Pro’s beefier GPU and faster memory will enable even better ray-tracing performance. Offering increased ray-tracing effects or better performance with RT settings enabled was a focus point for this mid-gen upgrade.

It is also claimed that in order to be labelled as ‘PS5 Pro Enhanced’ on the PlayStation Store, a game will have to be updated to run at a higher resolution or frame rate target, or with increased ray-tracing effects, or a mixture of the three.

While the PS5 Pro will seemingly offer a substantially improved GPU, the CPU will remain similar to what we already have in the base PS5, with a small 10 percent overclock applied. To combat these limitations, Sony plans to offer PSSR, a new upscaling feature similar to AMD’s FSR, intended to upscale games running at lower resolution, while minimising visual trade-offs, thus enabling faster frame rates.

We don’t know when the PS5 Pro will be officially announced, or if it will be arriving in 2024, rather than 2025 when the company’s first-party games pipeline looks a little stronger.

KitGuru Says: How much would you be willing to spend on a PS5 Pro over the standard model? Have you had enough use out of your current-gen console so far to make a potential upgrade worth getting? 

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