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PS5 Will Not Natively Support 1440P | Game Rant

While most of the discussion around the next generation Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles has been focused on 4K resolution, gamers planning to use a 1440p monitor may have expected the new hardware to natively support the intermediate resolution. The latest comments from Sony however, suggest that the PlayStation 5 will not.

According to IGN Italy, a Sony representative has confirmed that the PlayStation 5 will not support 1440p resolution natively. The console will still work with the screens, but will either upscale from 1080p resolution or downscale from 4K. The PlayStation 4 Pro had the same limitations even though many of its games actually ran at 1440p; it could also use super sampling to render at 4K and then scale down, which should be supported by some PS5 games too.

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Although the lack of 1440p will not affect most gamers using a TV, there are many PC gamers who have invested in gaming monitors at this resolution to improve fidelity without the huge performance demands of 4K. Upscaling or super sampling will still provide adequate visual performance, but will inevitably leave 1440p gamers with a less than perfect experience that negates some of the value of buying the new console.

Happily for 1440p gamers, it appears that Microsoft will comprehensively be supporting the intermediate resolution. The Xbox Series S is specifically designed for 1440p gaming, and can support the resolution at up to 120 Hz, while the more powerful Xbox Series X has also been confirmed by several outlets as having native support for 1440p, and 120 Hz at up to 4K. The PlayStation 5 will also support 120 Hz at up to 4K. This means that current generation games can have significantly boosted frame rates, although whether newer, more complex games will be able to reach 120 Hz without graphical cutbacks is unknown, especially on the less powerful Xbox Series S.

While most people won’t miss the lack of 1440p resolution on PlayStation 5, it does seem like a limitation that would have been cheap and easy to fix. Instead, gamers using monitors at this resolution will be forced to either have a reduced quality image, or look to Xbox Series X or Series S. Of course, for PC gamers with 1440p monitors, the question remains whether many would benefit from a new console over their existing PC hardware, especially given Microsoft is publishing Xbox games and offering Game Pass on PC.

Sony has also stated that it will be releasing more titles on PC, but given that not every title will be ported and the releases are likely to be time delayed, PlayStation 5 does appear to be the next generation console most suited to combining with a gaming PC in terms of game choices. Some gamers may just need to buy a new monitor or television to get the best from it.

PlayStation 5 launches on November 12.

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Source: IGN Italy

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