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PSA: Escape From Tarkov Steam Page Is Fake

Players have been asking if Escape From Tarkov would come to Steam for years, and it appeared today that their prayers were answered when a dedicated Steam page appeared. However, we asked Battlestate Games and unfortunately, the new Escape From Tarkov Steam page is actually a fake.

The page in question was originally created in December 2022, with the name EFT, and the description “Start escaping from Tartarus prison where you are imprisoned!” This would sound like a different game and it was marked as Single Player with a release date of December 27th. At this point, the listing showed no hint of being like Escape From Tarkov in any way, and it sat quietly, lurking on the Steam store not making any real sales or picking up any interest.

EFTEscape From Tartarus looked rather different than Escape From Tarkov.

Then, starting about a week ago, whoever is behind the page started updating the Steam listing with hints of what was coming, as things like the install directory were changed to reference Escape From Tarkov. Still, they waited, and today they updated the store to create a misleading Escape From Tarkov page, putting up a number of assets from the game, a description of it, and even changing the developer’s name to Battlestate Games.

So far, it has yet to be the success the scammers were likely hoping as few seem to have purchased the game, with it showing just one person online right now, and only a couple of reviews. Let’s hope it stays that way, and that Valve is hasty on taking it down, as these types of scams help no one.

Escape From Tarkov is currently exclusively available only for PC via the Battlestate Games website, as part of a pre-order beta that costs $44.99 for the base edition.

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