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PUBG New State begins new play with your clan event

The incredibly popular battle royale New State Mobile developer Krafton has announced a new event set to run for six days. This event will encourage players to play with their clan members to earn various in-game rewards.

New State has seen incredible success since launching at the end of last year, and due to that success, has also seen no shortage of massive events hosted. From crossovers with other media to different game modes, the amount of content New State has received has been absolutely absurd. Now, New State is launching an event that will run until March 16th that will incentivize players to play alongside their clanmates.

Using the built-in social system, New State players can join clans, groups of other players that you can chat and play alongside. This event takes that social system to the next level, encouraging you to queue up alongside those clanmates to receive a large variety of in-game rewards if you and your clanmates can place amongst the top 100 or top 50 on the leaderboards. If you manage to beat the competition, the top 100 will get two 150% battle pass boosters, allowing you to expedite your progress through the battle pass, alongside a ticket for a royale chest, which is a way to get cosmetic items for your player character.

If you can go even further and place amongst the top 50 clans on the leaderboards, you’ll receive a chicken metal bonus card, which essentially gives you all of the benefits you’d receive for winning a match but multiplied by three. Along with the bonus card, you’ll also receive another royale chest ticket, allowing you two chances at what are usually premium items for your character. Of course, if you do get a spot in the top 50, you’ll also receive the top 100 spot rewards as well, so this is a lot of free stuff if you can gather up your clanmates and dominate the match.

New State is currently the most successful battle royale mobile game across the globe, and with all of these events and more planned in the future, now is an excellent time to get involved. If you’d like to test your mettle against the best of the best, you can find New State for free on both Google Play and the App Store.

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