Quantic Dream wins (and loses) lawsuit against French media outlets

Detroit: Become Human studio Quantic Dream has won its lawsuit against French media outlet Le Monde, according to reports from Solidaires Informatique and STJV (via Eurogamer), but lost a claim filed simultaneously against another outlet, Mediapart. Both lawsuits were filed in 2018 over their coverage of allegations of sexism, homophobia, and inappropriate behavior at the studio.

The report on alleged workplace abuses at Quantic Dream was a collaborative effort between Le Monde and Mediapart that began in September 2017. “Each media outlet writes its own articles, but we try to coordinate, if possible, themes and dates of publication,” a Canard PC report (available via the Wayback Machine) said. Along with claims of abusive behavior and mismanagement on the part of studio executives, the report also included examples of roughly 600 images “of dubious taste,” photoshopped by a studio manager and shared with employees over its internal network.

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