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Rainbow Six Extraction Full Presentation | Ubisoft Forward 2021 | E3 2021

In this new cinematic trailer for Rainbow Six Extraction, operators Lion, Ela, and Nomad infiltrate a music venue in San Francisco, where they fight off hordes of alien-like creatures. Rainbow Six Extraction is a PVE, 3 player co-op take on the popular tactical FPS Rainbow Six Siege. In this presentation shown during the 2021 Ubisoft Forward, developers breakdown the games enemies, new gear, and co-op mechanics. The game is expected to release September 16, 2021.

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J Skeens
1 year ago

I just don’t understand this… they go from a well crafted, beautifully executed tactical shooter that lasted for YEARS….

To this

1 year ago

This is a rainbow six game?

Daniel Airola
1 year ago

This played out like a BullyHunters ad

Bad True Business
1 year ago

It's like a crappy xcom game

s Tiny g
1 year ago

Seeing the comments , I can tell who has and who hasn't played the outbreak event in 2018.

1 year ago

It just reuses 90% of what's in Siege. Could have just been another event or something. If they wanted to make a cinematic Rainbow game they could have used the terrorist organization they already established in Siege.

Jim Jam
1 year ago

Interesting Starcraft like enemy

1 year ago

Reuse operation Outbreak assets to sell a full game.
Minimum effort. Maximum profit.

1 year ago

I don't know… I mean, stealth in Coop?.. I think my money is going to Back4Blood instead. Not bad at all, but it seems one of those games were pubs are going to be an annoyance if stealth is required to survive. [edit: mistaken Coop for Multiplayer]

Anthony Carmichael
1 year ago


your best pall shawn

This looks sooo goooood.

1 year ago

R6: this is dangerous alien threat.
Also R6: lets only send 3 guys.

Filip Studený
1 year ago

Old Lore: Team Rainbow (also known as RAINBOW) is an elite international counterterrorist unit that falls under the direct supervision of NATO. The unit was formed to combat terrorist actions worldwide in a more effective way by assembling a team of elite counterterrorist operatives from nations all over the world.
Current Lore: "Hehe aliens go brrrr"

Craftyjedi 16
1 year ago

This game is basically just an asset flip with a few new models and maps here and there. I’m honestly super upset that they didn’t make an actual rainbow six game, like the pre-Vegas ones

Sami Hanski
1 year ago

Obviously Rainbow Six is not the franchise that will offer you good old RS/SWAT tactical experience anymore. Siege had it’s good moments, but later operators ruined even that experience.

1 year ago

That risk and reward is bullshit

Xavier Williams
1 year ago

Still interested to see how they make this a "full game". Idk.
Left for dead styled live service i guess?
Regardless im sure ill enjoy it for what it is.

Pine jungle Boogie
1 year ago

They need to allow all the weapons and attachments for the operators

1 year ago

with r6 gunplay i would love to play a co op shooter

1 year ago

Not sure how I feel about this game.

Psycho_ Ravager
1 year ago

I'd rather fight some random blue-haired weirdos than whatever the fuck this shit has going on.

zoheb saikia
1 year ago

Apex legends..everyone get down

1 year ago

Tachanka: Just when I think I’m out, they pull me back in

1 year ago

Rainbow Six X Stranger Things

1 year ago

Reused assets check!
Reused abilities check!
reused characters check!
reused weapons check!
price for a brand new game check!
something is fishy here ubisoft.

Xalator Gaming
1 year ago

Now I’m extremely hyped for this, but I don’t believe it deserves to be under the title of Tom Clancy.

1 year ago

I honestly think they were originally making a completely different game, realized no one would buy it, so they slapped Rainbow Six on the title and made the palyers the operators.

reek keyon
1 year ago

Im baffled like why?

1 year ago

left 4 dead seems better than this lol

Demetrius R N
1 year ago

it's a DLC.. PERIOD!

Marcus McFall
1 year ago

Why is the game 3 player though. It's hard enough to get a squad and to have to break the squad up to play the game is really killing my want to spend the money and play.

Marcus McFall
1 year ago

Why is the game 3 player though. It's hard enough to get a squad and to have to break the squad up to play the game is really killing my want to spend the money and play.

Johnny Favorite
1 year ago

Yo the game looks fun and all but the creatures are SO DORKY

1 year ago

They should make just everyone a women

Garcian Smith
1 year ago

So now we've gone from COD Zombies to Siege Zombies? Woooooow bet nobody saw that coming…. What is with these triple A games studios cranking out these super safe intensely uncreative band wagon trend jumping games? Same 12 step money leeching "games as a live service" technique from their cousins over at EA and Capcom:

Step #1) Find a popular multiplayer trend or game genre.

Step #2) Find a way to implement microtransactions and season passes into the gameplay.

Step #3) Promise your audience microtransactions and will never be a part your game.

Step #4) Wait a good long while for people to forget what you said in step #3 before putting in microtransactions anyway

Step #5) Slightly go back on your word about microtransactions by saying "They're only cosmetics they give you no power advantage over other players!"

Step #6) Promise players they won't have to spend a dime in their in-game store. They can earn in-game money simply through gameplay.

Step #7) Render in-game money economy worthless by making player grind an ungodly amount of hours for feeble and diminishing returns to a point that they're frustrated enough to give you real money to speed up progress.

Step #8) Show an over-the-top cinematic trailer of badass characters doing badass things with ZERO ACTUAL GAMEPLAY footage. (Not concept gameplay) Wait for the pre-orders to come pouring in.

Step #9) Wait for Youtubers to build hype on a concept we've all seen beaten into the ground. (Zombie apocalypse/ Alien invasion) Whatever wtf same difference at this point.

Step #10) Make the game "seasonal" having no clear "end" point and ignore the fact a 20-30GB game will bloat into 95-110GB however many seasons from now.

Step #11) If the game gets stale buff or nerf everything into oblivion and promise a sequel.

Step #12) Make a sequel to said game and shut down servers to old game. Giving the excuse of "We only did it because you wouldn't buy our new game"

1 year ago

For fuck sake. I am so tired of Zombie games.

Jeden Snow
1 year ago

This looks like a mod for Rainbow Six Siege….. What happened to Rainbow Six being a realistic tactical shooter?

1 year ago

This looks so good!!! Have no fcking clue why they still went with Extraction in the title tho , given our current conditions across the globe

Shawn Mead
1 year ago

God i Don't understand why everyone is so against this. I honestly think this looks really cool.

Rodrigo Ignacio Corbal Singer

So it's COD Zombies but with aliens…

Robert Mastenbrook
1 year ago

Tom Clancy had nothing to do with this, he’s a corpse. What gives, Ubisoft?

Ghost Beats
1 year ago

Tachanka single handedly destroy all aliens

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