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Rainbow Six Extraction Gameplay Trailer | Ubisoft Forward 2021 | E3 2021

In this new gameplay trailer for Rainbow Six Extraction, Ubisoft takes us to the Orpheus Research Center in Alaska. Operators Ela, Alibi, and Sledge utilize their operator abilities to face off a nest of Archæons. The Rainbow Six operators utilize stealth and cooperative tactics to defeat the alien infestation. The game is expected to release September 16, 2021.

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Depressino Cappuccino

60 dollars for this? Yeah I'mma pass lol

1 year ago

This looks depressing Af 😀

Brian Holsonback
1 year ago

The graphics and choppy movement look like games from 2008. Dust off your PS3 boys, there’s a new Rainbow Six game out!

dion smith
1 year ago

Playstation plus game for me.. Looks wack af. Shouldve gone back to R6 Patriots

1 year ago

So…this is Rainbow Six meets G.T.F.O, but less creepy?

1 year ago

That looks suspiciously like G.T.F.O…

Constipated Parker
1 year ago

The franchise will literally try anything instead of making a basic single player campaign about actual swats and tactical shooting gameplay.

Benny Scheer
1 year ago

Toxic gamers crying in the comments ahahah

Mass Affect
1 year ago

i still want Rainbow 6 Patriots

1 year ago

Lord Tachanka?!!! YESSS

Punjab Gaming
1 year ago

They made a whole game based on operation chimera and here I was thinking why operation chimera was never back!

1 year ago

This looks like a fun game mode, but can they remove the rainbow 6 name because this is just a further insult to a decades long excellent franchise…

1 year ago

Go buy gtfo .. this is just a clone

Chromatic Turtle
1 year ago

So 5 maps, each play through objectives are the same but I diff spots, BUT if you buy this full Price game you'll get some half effort cosmetics for rainbow six 6 siege. And you'll have to pay extra to use more than the 4 or 5 stock operators they introduce on release.

Due Decimal
1 year ago

lazy generic alien design

1 year ago

So you are recycling guns, characters and gadgets from R6: Siege, throw some new AI enemies, a few maps and then what? Expect to charge $60-70 on a full release? That’s a bold move.

Mayukh Tatai
1 year ago

Useless game ??

Thomas Urban
1 year ago

They almost screwed Mexico a few years ago. Just kill them all

Punit Raj
1 year ago

I thought we are getting RE Quarantine ?

1 year ago

……..really??? This is where Ubi is getting at??? Zombies??? Oh I'm sorry. ALIENS!! or PARASITES!!! man I bet someone who made that trailer, thinks there really clever.

1 year ago

Reused assets check!
Reused abilities check!
reused characters check!
reused weapons check!
price for a brand new game check!
something is fishy here ubisoft.

Brodie Smith
1 year ago

So it’s a mod for siege that’s taken more then a couple years to come out?

1 year ago

same ol' shit

1 year ago

They got to change the name from r6 quarantine so china doesn't censor them

Bruce Wayne
1 year ago

Not impressed.

David Lowrey
1 year ago

Back 4 Blood. Evil Dead. Extraction. Did everybody wake up one morning and decide they miss Left 4 Dead?

Elias L
1 year ago

60$ for this shit? For 15$ yes, I accept this RSS mode.

candyK K
1 year ago

so bad

1 year ago

I feel like this is a DLC for siege lmao

Nipple Cream
1 year ago

this new free-to-play indie game looks great!

Cringe Binge
1 year ago

This looks absolutely stale and lifeless Let alone the 60$ price tag. I’m good

Nipple Cream
1 year ago

yeah this seems like it’s exactly what Tom Clancy would’ve wanted

1 year ago

Those creatures looked pretty friendly and dumb

peter vally
1 year ago

Dumb AI alert

Nathaniel Seaberry
1 year ago

Can we just Rainbow Six 3 please! That trailer from seven years ago was was so great, then we got Siege instead…now this.

1 year ago

Looks pretty lame I’m not going to lie

1 year ago

Yep, dying light 2 still seems the best choice for 2021 for me

Someone There
1 year ago

60 dolllar game for all re used models, great job ubisoft you've truly revolutionised money grub this time.

Arbaz Siddique
1 year ago

Rainbow six extracting money

Aname Goeshere
1 year ago

Some people on the dev team must've been playing GTFO.
(Ubisoft Original)

Stephen D
1 year ago

So, they just combined "GTFO" (Amazing game btw) and their siege event from like 4 years ago… yeah… that is exactly what I want from R6 /s

Jonathan Cagle
1 year ago

This just looks like if rainbow six siege and left 4 dead had a baby, and I'm kind of here for it

1 year ago

So it’s basically an easier GTFO

Master Gecko 117
1 year ago

What happened to the rainbow six series? One of the best tactical shooter now turned into a bunch of edgy operators shooting aliens.

Actual TeddyBear
1 year ago

Right cause this is what people wanted instead of more a return to the old R6.

1 year ago

Only 3 player? T_T

Gaming A.D.D.
1 year ago

It should be called Ubisoft Backward

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