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Rainbow Six Extraction – Official Gameplay Overview | E3 2021

The development team at Ubisoft Montreal takes a deep dive into the setting, story, and mechanics of R6 Extraction

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1 year ago

Gears 5 Hive mode anyone?

Jose Cardenas
1 year ago

When the event is better then the game

The Jack Of No Traits

Hopefully it’s not fake and this is actual gameplay

Ernst Blofeld
1 year ago

Feels like poor man's Killing Floor 2

1 year ago

They should’ve just made a new campaign like Rainbow Six patriots in a modern approach, what a shame smh

1 year ago

its doo doo baby

Abcdefg32 1
1 year ago

This looks absolutely horrendous what s joke

paul rowland
1 year ago

This has nothing to do with the history of Tom clancy’s rainbow 6. Is it still under the Tom Clancy name. Because they should read his books.

1 year ago

They should have just titled this something else because it definitely isn't even close to the original Rainbow 6 games.

407 Fishing
1 year ago

Look how they massacred my boy.

Bray2007 H
1 year ago

So why did they make a dlc a full priced game?

Kudra Abdulaziz
1 year ago

Barely exceeds lowest expectations ?

Bradley Anthony
1 year ago


1 year ago

REACT need us. Is there any programmer here?

Henley Deng
1 year ago

Wonder how many possible synonyms the thesaurus has for the wors “garbage”

Troyan Fernando
1 year ago


Ya boi Dex
1 year ago

Boring a waste of money

Nel Mar
1 year ago

This game looks like they just ran out of ideas.

Hermès-stan LV U
1 year ago

everyone is gonna run in likes its Call of Duty and blow through like its the Expandable

anuar beruang
1 year ago

left for dead but ubisoft

Salvador Vergara Jr.

So call of duty extinction but way better

1 year ago

Never thought I'd see rainbow six associated with aliens ?

Shiny Rooster
1 year ago

Clancy is rolling over in his grave..this e3 is just sad.

1 year ago

This looks awful….

Josh M
1 year ago

Instead of working on… whatever this is… why not make a new rainbow 6? Carry over the successes siege brought instead of milking it…….

1 year ago

They tried their hardest to make this look cool.

Spirits of the Poorhouse

All we really want is a Vegas 2 remaster.

Martin Borgonia
1 year ago

Miss the old school classic Tom Clancy games.

1 year ago

Please change the Godamn price to £30 standard and deluxe £40, like bro this just seems like a spin off lol

Tapiwa Muza
1 year ago

They just took rainbow six siege outbreak DLC and tried to turn it into a standalone game smh ?

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