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Random: The Minecraft Movie Will Feature Trees, Believe It Or Not

Image: Mojang Studios

In case you didn’t know, a Minecraft movie is currently in production by Legendary Pictures, Mojang, and Vertigo Entertainment, with a current release date set for 4th April, 2025.

Directed by Jared Hess (Napoleon Dynamite, Masterminds), the movie will star the likes of Jason Mamoa, Danielle Brooks, and Jennifer Coolidge, while reuniting Hess with Jack Black after their work together on the 2006 comedy Nacho Libre. Information on Minecraft’s plot is rather thin on the ground at the moment, but we do at least know that the movie will remain relatively faithful to the game’s visual aesthetics.

How? Because someone’s only gone and found a bloomin’ Minecraft tree, that’s how. Yes, X (formerly Twitter) user @joshspace2 managed to sneak a few photos of a prop tree from the movie found near a studio where production was taking place (thanks, GoNintendo).

It’s difficult to imagine that this is being used for anything else (unless someone managed to sneak a blocky tree somewhere in Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire – stranger things have happened), so it seems reasonable to assume that this is currently being utilised by the Minecraft production team.

The release date is still a little way off yet (about a year, in fact), so it’s probably unlikely we’ll see any official images or footage from the movie for a few months or so, at least. We’re strangely excited to see more after this though!

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