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Reacting to Backpack Battles Game Trailers

Backpack Battles Is a game I didn’t think I would like but its really cute.

This is a INTRODUCTORY OFFER! This Offer ends March 22. This game is currently 10% off. It retails for $12.99 and is on sale for $11.69.

The game can be found here:

This is a new series I am starting called Reacting to XYZ Game Trailer. This is where I take the pop up’s from steam I normally look at then close and then open games I may not know anything about and react to the game information and trailers.

I will try to include links to each of the games, if I remember, and these videos are going to be posted on both my Gaming Channel and my Main channel because you never know who will like what. Unlike what I do now and stagger video’s these will both publish on each channel on the same day at the same time. Only one of my channels is monetized so feel free to watch it wherever you prefer.
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24 days ago

Confirmed! It's defo a cute game!